Snapchat Sexting: A Guide of How to Sext with Strangers

snapchat sexting
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  • Mar 22, 2024

We have all seen the ‘magical’ effects of snapchat. You know, the dumb dog face that appears when you let your tongue out. But this is actually not the best Snapchat feature or filter for you naughty couples out there. Regular sexting lost its allure thanks to the advent and growth of sexting as a popular messaging app. Why? You may ask. Here are a couple of reasons why you need to use Snapchat the next time you think of sexting your partner.

Privacy features

One of the main concerns that most people, whether new to sexting or pros at it, have is that their pics could easily find their way into the public domain. While this is not a far-fetched idea, there are better ways to deal with the issue than to simply hope that your partners uphold their end of the deal. A key feature of Snapchat is that the photos or videos sent through the app magically disappear after you view them. Why is this a great reason to use Snapchat sexting? Because it turns everything into a tease.

Think about it, how turned on will you get if you are unable to watch videos over and over again and you only have one chance to view the pics? Hell, you are likely to be more daring in your sexts. Don’t be scared of using a 10 second setting when sending sexy videos. After all, there is no fun sexting if there is no tension.

Replay the best moments

Probably one of the best features for those who follow ‘dirty’ accounts that post naughty stuff on their stories. You will be in shock at some of the naughty and crazy things that some people post on their stories. Unlike private messages, snapchat stories can be watched and re-watched as many times as you may wish. Think of it as a reel or a compilation of the best parts of a porn video. Alternatively, ask your partner to set her videos on loop or an unlimited timer to allow you relive that great moment.

Personalized erotic material

How many times have you asked for sending nudes on snap only to be met with the rude ‘Why? You can access free porn on the web’? What your partner may not understand is that nude are way better than porn. After all, the only thing that is sexier than watching a Mia Khalifa striptease is watching someone you love do it for you. You can ask your girl or guy to do that thing that you have always fantasized about minus all the acting that comes with porn.

You can talk dirty

Many snapchat users, even the pros often forget about the voice feature in their snaps. Even if you do not use this feature, remember that the pther person can hear you when you send snaps. This is great when used to talk dirty and send dirty pictures. Never hesitate to talk dirty or to moan in front of your partner when you send that naughty video. If you are scared, the text feature on the app can come to your aid.

Sexting on Snapchat

There are a couple of ways to use snapchat when sexting. For example, you can use the video function instead of the popular selfie. Are you feeling adventurous? You can record a naughty video where you tell your partner something you want or how you feel. At this point, what you will say does not matter much but how you say it. Want some ideas? You can tell your boyfriend that you have a surprise for them or that you can’t shake last night off your thoughts. Whatever it is, you will get the undivided attention of your partner.

Starting off with some crazy texts is not a bad idea especially if you are sexting someone new. Instead of going straight to sending the hot nudes, shoot some equally naughty texts to gauge if your partner is in the mood. Setting the stage with some texts will also pique their interests and help you get their sexting consent. Create a private chat and tell them you need someone to come lick off some spilled yogurt off your cleavage. This can be a great way to start out with the teasing before you choose to add any visuals.

Another suggestion is to get goofy. You can break the normal routine by being silly and showing off your humor. How is this possible? Simply include some goofy filtered pics with the sexy pics that you decide to send. Your partner will never get bored with the bread face or the sexy puppy face.

How to find sexting partners on snapchat

What happens when you have no one to sext with on Snapchat? Maybe you are single but would still love some of that action or your partner is not in the mood today. One option is to find snapchat usernames of people who post naught snapchat stories. This, however, is not a simple task but here are some places to find some snapchat accounts with sexy stories.

Snapchat friends

A quick look through your address book will get you one friend with whom you can start a sexting conversation. The app will give you the choice of adding your friends (from your contacts) to your chatting list. Anyone with your number can message you via snapchat but it is possible to change this option in the setting.

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Sexting forums

As crazy as it may sound, there are a lot of online forums that are solely dedicated to the art of sexting. You will find a wealth of information and guides about sexting on these forums and most of the users display their snapchat accounts that have the raunchy stuff you are looking for. The best thing about sexting forums is that you can get more information on how to use snapchat while also getting tips on how you can spice your love life using sexting. You will be amazed by the large number of users in the sexting forum, which lets you know that you are not the only sexting enthusiast.

Social media

A significant number of people share their snapchat usernames on social media and all you have to do is be keen. Alternatively, you can share your details on your other social media platforms and hope that people will add you although you are likely to get some unwarranted attention. See someone post some naughty instagram stories? They usually have a link to their snapchat accounts on their bio.