How to Sext Your Guy: Enjoy It and Spice Up Your Relationship

sexting messages to send your boyfriend
  • Mischief
  • Mar 22, 2024

If you have dated a guy even for a week then you probably know how much guys are into sexting. Sending a pic of your boobs to your boyfriend will give you some undivided attention and can even lead to setting up plans for a steamy session once you get together. While this is a known secret, so many ladies keep asking why guys like sexting so much. Well, here are a couple of reasons.

Why guys like sexting

Short term hook-up

We have all heard that guys just want one thing. Although this is untrue (no one wants one thing in life), it is often said because guys will mostly be the ones to initiate sexual escapades. One of the many reasons why guys initiate sexting is to reveal what they want from lady and this is often a short-term hook up, especially when two people are not dating. While most of the sexting comes from two people in a relationship, a guy may sext you if they want to have sex with you. Sexting is kind of a subtle way of asking for sex and if you don’t mind his advances then this can lead to more steamy sex sessions in future.

Get to know you better

One sexual conversation can easily reveal what your partner thinks about you if you ask the right questions. Some guys may initiate sexting just to have an idea of what you think of them. For example, a sexting with your boyfriend can lead him to ask ‘What do you like in bed?’. This can be a great way to explore your interests both your sexual and non-sexual interests. A guy may also take this time to find out what you fantasize about to help him improve your relationship.

Relationship anxiety

Rob Weisskirch, a professor of human development at California State University, asserts that another reason for sexting may be to overcome relational anxiety. People with dating anxiety or those that are afraid of being single are much more likely to sext their partners. This helps them alleviate the negative emotions that come with the anxiety while also helping them attain some level of comfort with their potential partners.

Sexting with your Boyfriend

Sexting is nowadays not considered as a controversial issue with millions of sexts sent on a daily basis. Like sex, sexting is different for everyone and it is important to have an idea of what your partner is into before you bomb his phone with nude pictures and videos. How do you start sexting a guy? You may ask.

1. See how he feels first. Nothing is as bad as having your nude pictures being left on read while you were just trying to spice up your relationship. It is not always a good idea to send sexts without knowing how a person is feeling and if he is in an appropriate sexting location. The key is to always start slow and be subtle about what you want from the conversation.

2. Send the first text and gauge the level of excitement. The first sext that you send will determine whether you will go forward with the sexting or whether you can pick it up later. All you have to do is to gauge the level of excitement and if your boyfriend will reciprocate the sexting.

3. Practice makes perfect. No one expects you to send the perfect sexts especially if you are new to it or if your relationship is new. The best thing to do is to learn all about your boyfriend’s likes and dislikes. However, the more you engage in sexting with your boyfriend, the better it will get. But always remember to keep it positive and strive for some good experiences when sexting.

What guys like to hear when sexting

Do you miss him? Tell him that you really miss him and that you wished that he was there with you, to keep you warm and happy. Remind him how lonely you are and he will definitely get turned on once he realizes how much you value him. A quick reminder is that you should actually mean it, should he want to come over after you entice him.

Got out of the shower? Tell him. Nothing piques a guy interest as much as a vivid detail of your shower escapade. You can tell him that you just got out of the shower but you don’t really feel like getting dressed. Send him a pic, sit back and watch how the sexting conversation flows from there.

Guys love it when their girlfriend sends them a picture in their new lingerie. Did you buy some new lingerie today and you have been dying to try it on. Why not ask your boyfriend what he thinks of it. Nothing feels better than getting a lingerie pic on some boring Saturday afternoon. Get some sexy lingerie, put it on and take some sexy pics for your guy.

You should also feel free to tell him about your fantasies and what you have been thinking about. Tell him about that naughty sex position that you have been thinking about or the dirty escapade that you want to try out. You will be surprised on what your boyfriend is willing to do for you even if he is not into that idea.

Another great idea is to drown him in compliments. You should already be complimenting your boyfriend occasionally for the good things he does. However, reserve the naughty compliments when you want to initiate a steamy sex session or when you are sexting. Tell him how good his lips feels when he kisses you or how turned on you get when he fondles your boobs.

Let him in on your next sexual encounter. A great way to start sexting is by describing your next sexual scene. Tell him how badly you want him. How you will push him on the bed and straddle him. How your hands will run down through his chest, abs and towards his crotch. Let him in on how you wish you could get on your knees ready to suck but only kiss his thighs.

The thing with sexting is that you should make his mind rush with imagination. Make him want more. Make him want you more. Make your next sexual encounter as detailed as possible. Be creative and make him suffer, make him beg for more. Tell him this and you will have a horny boyfriend begging for your body and ready to ravish you the next time he sees you.