The Ultimate Guide to Sexting: Everything You Need to Know

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  • Mischief
  • Mar 22, 2024

If you own a smartphone, live on earth and have been paying attention to emerging trends over the past few years then you should have an idea of what sexting entails. This, however, does not mean that you may not have some questions or issues about the act itself. While a number of people consider sexting to be the act of sending dirty messages to your partner, most people believe sexting is a fun practice that can enhance your sex life. Kait Scalisi, a sex educator, asserts that sexting is a great way to flirt and stay connected to your partner. Not only will it keep you thinking about sex with your partner all day but it also recreates the loving feeling that was present earlier on in the relationship. But what exactly is sexting?

The meaning of sexting

A sext is any type and form of provocative message that is send between two people on the phone or even on the computer. A sext does not necessarily have to be a pic, it can be a video or even a recorded audio message. Basically, a sext is anything sexually explicit that is shared between two or more people. Another important question that keeps popping up when talking about sexting is the legality of the practice. Sexting is pretty much legal in most countries, especially between two consenting adults who are above the age of 18 years.

Teens are, however, known to be fond of sending sexts too. What are the statistics? It is estimated that about 1 in seven teens have sent a sext while about 1 in 4 teens have received a nude picture or two. And this does not only stop with the teenagers, about 53% of adults have reported that they have recorded, sent or received a sext before.

How to start sexting someone

Now that we have an idea of what sexting entails, it is only natural to consider how to start sexting someone. Here are a couple of tips to make it a fun and interesting way of boosting your relationship with your partner.

1. Good timing

There is definitely a reason why this comes at the top of the list. Know the best time to sext your partner and if you are not sure then simply ask. Your partners may not appreciate or may even become embarrassed if they received a sext while having lunch with their family or when having a meeting at the office. A simple ‘What you up to?’ can help reveal if sending a sext is the right idea at the right time.

2. Be patient

Good things come to those who wait and this also applies when sexting your partner. One thing that you learn from having a bit of sexting experience is that it is all about the buildup. You really do not want to bomb your partner with a downright dirty or filthy pic for a lot of reasons, the above point being one. Instead, be subtle but hint that you want the conversation to take a specific direction. For example, you can just send a pic of your cleavage and a ‘Hey You’ text. The response that you get from this will determine whether your partner is in the mood for some naughty texts.

3. Stick to your comfort zone

There are a lot of places where sticking to your comfort zone is frowned upon but this does not apply to sexting. It is extremely important that you do that which makes you comfortable. Remember that sexting doesn’t have to be downright dirty. A sext can be a simple ‘Can’t wait to experience your loving tonight’ or a nude selfie. As a rule, do something that may make you slightly uncomfortable but not one which makes you feel like hiding after hitting the send button.

4. Good photography

It is common sense that you do not want to send any picture that will keep your partner guessing what exactly you sent. Good visuals and angles when taking the sext cannot be underestimated when having a sexting session. A good rule is to only take pictures that highlight your erogenous zones, which may include your neck, bust, thighs, chest, pelvic area or your booty.

A good idea is to take your pictures from a specific angle. For example, you can take a pic of your butt from the bottom up, which will appear as if it is right in his face.

5. Always have pics in your library if you are send regular sexts

Do you and your partner get to enjoy your sexting sessions? Well, one way to keep this going is to always have some sexy pics in your phone. While many people may consider this a risky idea, there are many apps today that can help you keep the messages private and far from any eye that tries to snoop round your phone. The advantage with having ready pics is that you will always be ready to send a naughty message and the chats will always be fast and lively. Remember to constantly update this folder to avoid sending pics that you have sent before.

6. Explore your fantasies

Talking to your partner about what you wish to try in bed may not be the easiest thing to do but sexting gives you an opportunity to do so. Since you are already talking about sex, it may not be a bad idea to tell your girl that you have been fantasizing about having sex in a public place. You may find out that she actually likes and would love to try the idea out. It also removes the pressure since it is done over the phone and no one is staring back at you.

7. Know the right words to use

This is an obvious but often forgotten tip when starting a sext chat. Using scientific terms for having sex such as ‘coitus’ does not sound as sexy as using slang. Slang also sounds better when your partner goes through your chats. You may feel weird typing the dirty words but your partner will appreciate and get more turned on. Also, it is important to know the emojis that have some sexual innuendos. It is 2018 after all, and emojis have become a part of the texting code. Have no idea about the right emojis to use? No problem. The banana and eggplant denotes the penis while the pussy cat is code for vagina. Thank me later.

With this information, you are set to become a sexting guru. But remember to always keep it fun and interesting and your relationship will never get boring.