10 Free LDS Dating Sites: Finding Love Within Your Faith

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  • Mischief
  • Jan 14, 2023

Dating is different than it is for the secular masses, and it is always a good idea to find dedicated LDS dating sites that can cater to what you want. Fortunately, in the list below, you’ll find some of the most popular and successful options for LDS singles, from mobile lds dating apps to websites and everything in between.

The Internet is changing the dating game for everyone, including Mormon singles and others from the LDS community.

You can choose between free lds dating sites or those that require a paid membership, but we’ll advise that sometimes there’s something to be said for paying—quality counts when it comes to online dating. Of course, regardless of the cost involved, you can trust that the list below will provide you with a great place to start. Check out the reviews and see what each has to offer and you’ll be on your way to great dating within the LDS community in no time at all.

Editor’s Review

1. LDSsingles.com - Best for LDS Network

This site offers a true meeting place for LDS singles so that you can connect with people within your own faith. The Mormon faith is unlike any other so it’s hard to make connections in other communities. Moreover, if your faith is important to you, it’s important to find love that shares that value. You can sign up in minutes and get access to a community of faith-based daters just like yourself, and it’s free to check out so you only pay if you decide you’re seriously interested in full access.

2. eHarmony.com - Best for Local Mormon Connections

EHarmony is one of the leaders in online dating. In addition to being known for its main site, it is also branching out and starting to offer niche-based dating options like Mormon and LDS singles dating. There is an active community here and people are online chatting and making connections every single day. The site requires payment for full access, but membership comes with plenty of perks.

3. Elitesingles.com – Best for Reputability

Like eHarmony, elite singles is one of the sites that has been in the dating game for a while. They do have a specific section for the LDS community and those of the Mormon faith, saving you the hassle of having to weed out anyone that doesn’t share your values and beliefs. The site is free to join and is a good one for reputation, but it’s also going to require you to pay for a membership if you want full access. It does have a lot to offer, and you can check it out fairly well without paying, so it’s worth a look.

4. Zoosk.com - Best for Spiritual Connections

While not directed at the LDS community specifically, Zoosk offers a site for people of faith who want to find love with like-minded singles. The site makes it easy to sign up and start searching for connections and you can find people locally or around the world. You can even view profiles and pictures without paying for a membership, but you will have to upgrade if you want full access.

5. Mutual.app - Best for Finding Mutual Interests on the Go

Mutual is all about getting the conversation going, no matter where you are going. It is one of best lds dating apps (available on iOS and Android) and takes just minutes to sign up. You'll find thousands, if not millions, of LDS singles from around the country and the world, and you can even connect with people based on age, location, and other specific criteria. Plus, you’ll know that everyone is of the LDS faith, so you never have to worry about compromising your values. This app has been featured by CNN, LDS Living, and the New York Times, and delivers some promising matches for LDS members looking for real connections.

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6. LDSplanet.com - Best Mormon Dating for Local Singles

If you’re trying to make a local love connection or even just find some dates in your area, LDS planet is a good choice. It offers a simple lds dating site that’s easy to navigate and you can sign up and start searching profiles in just minutes. You can browse by interest or location, or even by age, and trust that everyone on the site follows your faith, so it’s one less compatibility detail to deal with.

7. TrueLDS.com - Best for Quick Browsing

One of the things that set this site apart is that you can get instant access to thousands of singles without even creating a profile. Check out the other users on the site before you even bother creating a profile. The profiles on this site are verified singles that share the same religious and educational values, and it’s a site that’s owned and operated by LDS members so it’s the real deal. It will cost money for full access, but it’s free to see why it’s worth paying, which makes it worth a look.

8. LDSpals.com - Best for Totally Free Dating

While most of the dating sites out there require some form of payment, LDS pals will allow you to sign up and use the site totally free, all the time. You can create an account in minutes, get access to profiles and photos, and even send messages and make connections without ever spending a penny. But of course, the best part is that it’s also full of LDS members just like you so that you know you’re making the best connections with people that share your beliefs and values.

9. LDSfriendsdate.com - Best for Casual Dating and Friendships

At LDS friends date, you’ll find all kinds of local and non-local LDS members who are looking for friends, casual dates, and relationships alike. Here, there’s no pressure to “hurry up and fall in love”. The site welcomes people to make themselves comfortable and only go as fast as they’d like in making connections. Plus, it’s filled with other LDS members who understand the values and importance of the faith.

10. LDSdimension.com - Best for lds singles over 40, 50

While LDS dimension does require membership for premium access, it doesn’t limit the features as much as some other sites. A large part of this dating site is free to those who join, so you only pay if you find people that you want to connect with and you want to message them or engage in live chat. You can even rate and notate other users on the site so that you don’t accidentally message someone twice, and more.

The Final Call

There’s a lot more out there for LDS members when it comes to mormon dating than you probably thought. Now, though, you can see that there are places where others just like you are looking to make connections and it only takes minutes to sign up and start searching for yourself. We like Mutual.app for its convenience of dating on the go (who doesn’t love an app these days?) but we also enjoy the eHarmony site that’s dedicated to the community of LDS singles because it comes from eHarmony.

Of course, you’re sure to find good connections on any of the lds dating sites on this list, and since they’re all free to check out, you might as well give them a go. Whether you end up using a free site or paying for premium membership, you’ll have the peace of mind in knowing you’re making connections within the LDS community and keeping your faith at the forefront of your life, as it should be.