Sexting 101: 10 Seductive Sexting Tips for Beginners

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  • Mar 22, 2024

A 2014 study showed that about 50% of grownups send a racy text message, email, or photo from their smartphones. While this number might strike individuals as surprisingly high, I am more concerned about the other 50% of grownups that is missing out on this fun and easy way to add the much-needed flirtation into their love lives.

When you have a person you are interested in getting cozy or intimate with, but you don’t know how to go about it…well, that’s when sexting kicks in! And if you would like to give it a try (and I urge you to try), then here are sexting tips for beginners that will come in handy.

6 Sexting Tips for Beginners

There are 6 sexting lessons that you should keep in mind if you want to have a successful experience.

Sexting Lesson One: Vocabulary

We all like it when our partners talk dirty to us and most of us actually jump in and continue the conversation. However, you need to note that over a message, the sexual yearning of a text can be lost by a spelling mistake or use of a certain phrase.

Certain phrases that lead to instant loss of thirst include “LOL”, “moist”, “bang” (all too childish to say the least), and “vagina” and “penis” (too scientific). Also, avoid using harsh words when sexting with your partner.

Moreover, keep the emojis out of your business. Nobody likes to see an eggplant and a little yellow face whilst trying to get in the mood of the intimate session.

Finally, always ensure that you use the correct spelling. What I mean is don’t sextext while you are drunk and don’t write like a 12-year-old boy or girl. And one last thing on sexting vocabulary, avoid any confusion that might arise through autocorrected mistakes.

Sexting Lesson Two: Images and Pictures

Guys find it pretty easy to send their naked nudes than women. But this is wrong! If a lady doesn’t request to see below your belt, kindly don’t send that image to her. The mere sight of such an image is too abrupt and aggressive and can kill the magic.

Instead of sending that part of your body, send your body – 6 packs. Women really appreciate your body than what you have to offer on the southern side. Also, take some nice shots of your body.

On the contrary, men will appreciate almost any image they receive from women. So, as a lady, you are only limited by your imagination. But don’t show everything in a single picture, hide some parts to make the guy crave for what he cannot see.

For both men and women, ensure that the background is clear when taking the picture – we don’t want to see your toilet in that shot. Also, don’t send a black and white image – we are in the 21st century after all.

Sexting Lesson Three: Mean It

If you sextext the nasty things, be ready to do them practically. We all hate an individual who is full of it. It is very easy to allow your sexual fantasies and perverted mind to take control of your sexting session.

But, don’t start exploring all Fifty Shades of Grey in this flirting session…talking how nasty you will be only to turn up and chicken out. Your partner will be quite disappointed.

Sexting Lesson Four: Know Your Device and Platform

Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, TextNow – if you intend to send texts or images that you don’t want another person to see, know where this info is going. For instance, if you are receiving or sending an image on WhatsApp, remember that the image will be stored in your media folder. The last thing want is to allow your little siblings to use your smartphone to check their Instagram only to find them staring at the naked image.

My friend has ever sent a ridiculously filthy text to my number before – a text that was intended for her girlfriend popping up in my text folder. One word, he was quite apologetic and couldn’t find the courage to face me.

And lastly, always delete the images or messages because you never know when your smartphone will fall into the enemy’s hands. However, note that these kinds of things are never really deleted – the government can retrieve them any moment if you break the law.

Sexting Lesson Five: Sharing

If a person is sexting you, he or she has really gained your trust. So, do just that. It is common to see a story of an ex posting the intimate images of their ex-lover all over the internet as a way of revenge.

Remember that the magic of sexting is the mere fact of being naughty and private – do not spoil a good thing by acting like a child. Or would you like your naked body to be posted on the internet?

Sexting Lesson Six: Consent

Consent is the most important thing to consider when engaging in sexting. The truth is, nobody wants to see your nude or filthy text without having agreed to it.

Also, ensure that you are texting an adult that has consented to this form of exploration. Furthermore, don’t ever beg to see the other person’s nude. This will make you seem desperate and pressure the other person to do what he or she doesn’t want.

3 More Tips for Sexting

Know that you have all consented to sexting, what should you do? Below are three ways for a shy person to begin sexting.

  • Start with a simple, of course sweet, greeting: “You have been in my mind all day” or “I miss you”. It will get you started.
  • Start slowly by referencing the last session you got cozy: “I was thinking about last Tuesday when we… (Get creative here and write something you both enjoyed). “It felt great being with you.”
  • Take it to the next level and stroke your partner’s ego by saying what you really like about him or her and/or his or her technique: “When I think of your (body part) it turns me on.”

Final Verdict

Sexting can be an easy affair depending on how you take it and with who you text with. Get into the mix and be part of the 50% of the adults that are already having a great time with their partner sexting.

With that said, it is always good to follow the lessons I have provided above to ensure that you don’t do the wrong thing. If a person doesn’t want to sextext with you, don’t force him or her into doing it. This will only make you look bad.