8 Age Gap Dating Sites for Older Men Seeking Younger Women

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  • Mischief
  • Jan 14, 2023

Are you an older man wanting to date younger women? Or vice versa? Older men often attract younger women due to their maturity—women are usually more mature at a younger age and crave the sense of maturity and safety an older man can bring.

Older men dating younger women it’s not a new concept—have a look at 18th century England and the books of Jane Austen, for example! Today, younger woman older men dating sites are incredibly popular. There are also so-called sugar daddy sites—women looking for mentorship, or financial security as part of the deal when dating (if dating—some relationships are strictly about mentoring, or friendship).

So let’s have a look at younger woman looking for older man.

1. MillionaireMatch

This is a serious player in the “older man younger woman dating sites” niche. However, both men and women can register as “successful” members. There are more men than women in the successful category, though.

Strict Verification Process

Here all photos are checked before going live on the site and you can have your photos verified by uploading a valid I.D. What’s more, you can get a “certified millionaire” badge by handing in your tax records. In short, younger women looking for older men can rest assured that the man she finds will be able to provide the financial security she dreams of.

2. SeekingArrangement

This is a younger women older men site for sugar daddies and sugar mommas looking for sugar babies and vice versa. Though there are a lot more sugar daddies than sugar mommas on the site. Launched in 2006, the site boasts about 10M members (150k active weekly). They have been a proponent for transparent relationships—people being honest about what they truly want out of a relationship.

Strict Safety Protocol

If you want to use a site where members are vetted properly, this is the site for you. Verified members (bearing in mind not all are) have a criminal background check done, as well as checking for any potential charges for domestic violence, etc. If a member is verified, it’s listed on their profile. ALL members’ photos and profiles are checked before they are approved to use the site.

Attractive Members

If you get approved as an Attractive Member, your membership is free, which is great for younger women looking for older men.

Good Ratio of Men and Women

The ratio of men and women on this site is about 50/50.

3. SugarDaddyMeet

This website limits members to the twenty riches countries in the world and 70% of the 2M members are women. While some are looking for relationships in their own age group, there are definitively both younger women and older men using the site and some are younger women looking for older men.


This site applies old gender rules—there are no sugar mommas, only sugar daddies looking for sugar babies. Members are verified using their phone number and your main profile photo has to be approved.

First Date Gifts

Older men dating younger women may be a bit more old fashioned and Sugar Daddy Meet offers a feature where you can suggest first date gifts, which is pretty sweet. It’s a nod to old school values.

4. SecretBenefits

There are plenty of younger women and older men using Secret Benefits. Unlike some of the other sites, there are both sugar daddies, babies and sugar mommas using the site. However, there is no option to have finances or criminal records checked. The only thing needed to use the site is email verification.

A US-European Site

This site was launched in Europe and still has more members there than anywhere else. The members are mainly male—older men dating younger women (or seeking to do so).

5. SugarDaddy

Sugar Daddy is not the largest site playing the field—launched in 2017 they’re still the new kid on the block—but they do have an active member base. They also offer the option to state if you’re looking for an extramarital affair, which most sugar daddy sites don’t.


Unlike most other sites on this list, SugarDaddy does not offer any form of verification when signing up—not even email verification. This might deter some younger women looking for older men and indeed some older men dating younger women. Their staff does scan profiles looking for fakes, on the other hand.

What’s more, there’s a “Quick Search” on the landing page, where you can browse members. Without signing up. That means, in short, that unless you use the privacy feature that allows you to hide your profile, anyone can see your profile.

6. What’sYourPrice

This site has the same founder as Seeking Arrangement, but the philosophy is slightly different—here you bid for dates. This could be ten dollars for a date, or a thousand dollars for a date (though both of those extremes are unlikely). The person receiving bids can accept whatever bids they want. The idea is that by offering to pay, people show they’re serious about the date. There are plenty of younger women looking for older men using this site.

Finding Dates Fast

What’s Your Price states that the average time to find a date using the site is three days, which is a very short amount of time.

Don’t Pay Up Front

You are only supposed to pay someone during the date. It’s strictly against the rules to pay beforehand (chances are that you’ll be scammed and the site does not allow scammers—if they ask for payment up front they’ll be banned). Likewise, beware that this is NOT an escort site—the women are there for dating, nothing else.

It Might Not Last Forever

While some women on here use the app to see how serious a guy is to get to know her, some use it to pay their college fees while having fun meeting new people. Meaning they aren’t necessarily looking for a relationship.

7. SugarDaddie

Sugar Daddie has been around since 2002 and with 5M members, it’s still going strong. Both sugar daddies and sugar mommas are using the site, but there’s a membership emphasis on younger women/older men. That’s to say—those are the most active members.

A Focus on Communication

While most sites allow you to send winks, gifts, and the like, SugarDaddie only allows for messages. Meaning you have to put in some effort. This is a great way to ensure people aren’t just handing out winks right left and center.

8. Luxurydate

Let’s start by saying that SiteJabber gives Luxurydate 3 out of 5 stars, meaning there are plenty of happy users. The site also looks cluttered and as though it hasn’t had an upgrade since ca. 2010. Then again, the site has less than 100 reviews and some will no doubt be from members who didn’t have success dating — they feel jilted. Other professional reviewers using the site has rated it rather favorably.

Luxury date does not require an email address for signup and you can browse profiles without being a member. As it does have about 4M members though, you might want to try it out—just be sure to enter with caution.