15 Top Free Sexting Sites and Apps to Enjoy Sexting Online

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  • Mar 22, 2024

Are you one of the millions of people out there who enjoys a bit of “sexting”? Whether you do it with any of your romantic partners or you like to use sexting sites and communicate with other enthusiasts, it is a very modern way to enjoy a bit of sexy banter and visual stimulation. Sexting, if you are unsure of its meaning, is when you send photos, videos or texts that are of a sexual nature. They can describe or suggest sex acts, they can show nudity and sexy poses or they can even depict sex acts.

There is, naturally, a lot of sexting online at the many sext websites, chat rooms too. In this article we are going to look at some of the best places to enjoy regular sessions of sexting online and uncover which are the best for any specific interests or goals. For example, you may use totally free sexting sites before arranging a real-world hookup with someone. On the other hand, sexting online may be all you need to get your sexual urges fulfilled. There sexting sites for people already in relationships and who want to remain low-key and there are ways to enjoy sexting online based on your specific kink.

Why Use Sexting Sites?

Naturally, you might wonder just why you would create accounts and pay for the option of sexting online when you can just use a mobile phone to sext people? The answer is simple: You are assured that anyone who is sexting online via these sites is interested in the same things as you and your privacy and security are assured. When you just sext an acquaintance or someone you’ve met in the real world, they may not have had any interest in communicating in that manner. They now have those videos, images or messages and they may tell others incorrect things about you. When you are sexting online through valid free sexting websites, though, everyone involved is eager and ready for that type of self-expression, communication and contact.

While it is true that lots of FWB (friends with benefits) or NSA (no strings attached) relationships involve sexting, it is the sexting sites that offer the most assurance that everyone involved is eager to use videos, texts and photos in the sexiest ways possible.

So, if you are ready to go, let’s look at some of the top sexting sites currently available.

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Top Sexting Sites to Fire Up Your Kinky Side

1. Adultfriendfinder.com

As one of the world’s largest online dating, hookup and sexting sites, it has tens of millions of account holders all seeking something unique. The site has an array of options for those who are considering sexting online, and it may not be the standard content you are thinking about. For example, there are many search, communication and cyber sex resources, making it incredibly easy to find anything you desire.

As is the norm, it is only with a paid membership that you get the “extras” that can make your online sexting more satisfying. With your profile, you can itemize what you seek and help others find you. But you can also use the live webcams, forums, and galleries of images and videos to satisfy your needs. There are even “sex academy” courses that can give all of your sexting skills a real boost in their effectiveness and appeal.

Pros or Cons: If there is a downside to this site is that you cannot be easily matched with others seeking sexting. You have to do the searching and then get in touch, but as this site is populated with open-minded people, you won’t have a shortage of sexting options.

2. Asstok.com

Described by many as a new approach to online hookups and sext chatroom, this site is already nine years old and has a massive user base that remains very active at all times. The focus of this site is visual content, and so if you are into videos, photos and selfies when using online sexting sites, this may be your best option.

To gain access to the widest array of features, you will want to use one of the five different subscription offers. This site is unique in that it features two different kinds of trial offers, too. Once signed up, you can create your profile quickly and begin using the simple and direct interface. The site includes a blend of sexting chat rooms and an advanced search that lets you find just the right partner for your sexting online.

This sext website works best when you take the time to identify exactly what you want and enter that into the profile. Are you a threesome fan? Maybe you want to find someone who also wishes for a bit of real world action? Make that clear in your profile and you’ll begin hearing from like-minded people. You can use the chatting feature, messaging and wide array of live and archived galleries to help you find what you seek, too.

Pros or Cons: This site has a “no fakes” account claim and does not result in loads of spam coming to your email inbox or your mobile phone. It is a secure site with advanced features and one of the most sexting specific sites online.

3. Uberhorny.com

This site has an easy to use account setup and you then head straight to the home page to find images of people in your area. You’ll want to beef up your profile with details since this is how you are matched or paired with others. If you are eager for real world hookups, it is essential to share such information. If not, there are life cams, search functions, chat functions, and more.

Pros or Cons: This has a mobile app for finding hookups or sexting on the go! It has a lot of free functions and you can even communicate (limited to a fixed number each day) without paying for the site.

4. NoStringsAttached.com

NoStringsAttached is easily one of the most famous sext sites for those who want to make the most out of their time here on earth. After all, their logo is “Have an affair to Get Discreet Sex.” and naturally this makes them a good choice for someone eager to enjoy a bit of online sexting.

However, many users believe that the quality of the site declined after it had a security breach that “outed” some famous account holders back in 2015. Yet, it still has millions of account holders who use real-time messaging, phone options, and other features. There is no membership but is instead a credits-based system. You can get 100 credits for under $50 and when you spend $250, there is an “affair guarantee.”

Pros or Cons: This is a sexting text site ideal for something more than sexting as it emphasizes real-world affairs. However, it does have communications options that can allow anyone to interact with other accountholders entirely online and exchange the sort of sexy messages that get their motors running.

5. Localmilfselfies.com

The premise of this site is that it is populated with real women looking for some cyber sex experiences. Registered users get to communicate with women in their same geographic area and enjoy some online local sexting. However, this site also puts a lot of emphasis on real-world hookups outside of the site, so if you are not into that aspect of it you might find that the demands for real sex are more prevalent than the cyber stuff. That is why this is one of the few sexting sites with a GOLD Get Laid Guarantee. The details around it are scant, but paid memberships have a fixed term in which they can meet someone for sex or get their money back.

Pros or Cons: The site uses cell phone to text sexting messages, too, which means you’ll have to be cautious if you are in a relationship in which there is no “openness” arrangement. The site’s tools are comprehensive and include personal matching, multiple searches and a unique “quickie” function.

6. Instabang.com

A play on the Instagram name, this site is often called the Instagram of sex. It is, as you can imagine, very visual. To use it is easy – just create a basic profile, log into the site and begin using the basic features. You’ll need a paid membership for the sexting functions, but you can enjoy webcams and videos for free. You can also browse without joining.

Pros or Cons: Once you’ve paid a membership, you can begin communicating by rating photos and posting your own. This is how you begin your sexting activities and most users get almost immediate responses.

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7. Snapchat.com

Think of this as the only truly free sexting app & site. However, it is not actually designed for sexting. It is a site in which videos and images can be quickly sent to a receiver and those same images disappear after just a few moments. Of course, we all know now that there are ways to screenshot and even hack the app to save and/or share any videos or images sent. This takes you outside of the security of sexting sites.

Pros or Cons: Should you use it for sexting? It is a hugely popular app for that very specific activity. The trouble comes with who you are sexting. If it is someone you know you can trust and who ensures that the content disappears or is safeguarded permanently, have fun with it. If not, use one of the sites in this article instead.

8. Arousr.com

Easy to use and super visual, this site is a great resource for online sexting. This is because it focuses on video cams and photos. However, it is important to note that it is a cam site and often described as a phone sex site. Available as an app and for a desktop, it lets you chat, talk and swap videos or photos. You can easily create an account and instead of membership fees you purchase credits for chatting or other activities. This is just sexting website without login, create a profile and then head to the main page where all online users appear on the screen.

Pros or Cons?: This is a pay to play service, in other words, but it does have all of the phone-friendly features that sexting requires. There are no real-world hookup tools, so if you wanted both cyber and real sex, this is not your best choice.

9. BeNaughty.com

Though this site is not clear about its robo/fake profiles, there are many active and authentic users. This is a hookup site that focuses on real world meetings as well as cyber sex and sexting. As is the case with many sites, you’ll need the full membership to enjoy the video, messaging and chat options.

Pros or Cons: However, there are robust galleries of images, forums and more. On the upside, this has a free three-day trial so you can give it a real test drive before deciding whether you’ll pay for membership.

10. Easysex.com

The name of this site really does say it all. It is not just one of the sexting sites but emphasizes hookups of any kind. It is a very visual site with a tremendous amount of adult content and gives access to a lot of that content with a free membership. You can sort registered accounts by location to find a real world hookup quickly, but if you are more about sexting, they have web camera sexting chats and messaging that can meet your needs.

Pros or Cons: The downside to this site is that it is really more about easy sex than easy sexting, and so those who shy away from real world hookups may want to use one of the other sites.

11. Snapnudes.co

The ultimate sexting tool for nude trading, this site emphasizes sending nude photos to those interested in receiving them. You just sign up and create a profile to begin snapping your nude photos, sharing them, and sexting with other like-minded people.

Pros or Cons: The site does say it emphasizes local account holders, but you will find that the site is not big enough to allow hookups in every area. If you are more about sexting, this is a site to try.

Top Sexting Apps for Sultry Messages and More-Added Content

1. Kik

Kik is one of the most popular discreet texting and sexting apps for free available. This free service allows users to create a profile with as little information as possible, making it easy to stay discreet & anonymous when you want to have some naughty fun. In addition to texting, you can also send nude pictures and videos and share other media content.

The app allows users to remain anonymous. You can search for users, connect with people by linking your phone contacts, and directly connect with other users by entering their exact username.

Pros and Cons: Kik.com is relatively discreet and best app to send nudes. The biggest con is that if you’re trying to be discreet, you’ll want to ensure that you don’t link your phone contacts to the app.

2. Whatsapp

Whatsapp is another popular anonymous or discreet messaging and best sexting app. It is easy to use and offers free access to everyone, which is one of best apps for sexting with strangers and why it is so popular. The app is available on various platforms and devices, as well.

This free app isn’t as discreet or anonymous as some of the other apps specifically designed for anonymous conversations, but it does offer video, audio, media sending, and group chat options. You can customize messages and chats just like in text and more.

Pros and Cons: There are millions of users of Whatsapp, and the Whatsapp sexting service is completely free. However, it’s not as encrypted or discreet as some of the other apps available today.

3. Tinder

Tinder isn’t just a messaging app, but it does have the option for discreet and sexy texting and messaging among users. Tinder is a hookup app that allows people to upload photos and basic information and then be matched with other users by swiping left or right on potential mates or hookups.

The app is free to download and most features can be accessed without payment. However, there are premium features, such as super likes and seeing who viewed your profile, that can only be used by those who pay for a membership to the service.

Pros and Cons: Tinder has a reputation for hookups and sexting. However, it also requires a premium subscription for access to all features.

4. Get Confide

Getconfide.com is the home of Confide, another popular sexting app. This app offers secure messaging with end-to-end encryption. Plus, messages are only able to be read one line at a time and will self-destruct as soon as they are read. Nothing can be archived, forwarded, or otherwise saved.

While the basic service is free, there is a premium subscription that includes a variety of upgrades, including the ability to “unsend” or retract messages.

Pros and Cons: This sexting app is great for discreet communication with encryption and self-destructing messages, along with screenshot-proof messaging and photo/video sharing.

5. Use Dust

Co-founded by Mark Cuban, Dust is touted as “a safer place to text”. This app offers secure texting and is available on iOS and Android. Formerly known as Cyber Dust, this private app works much like kik for sexting, and messages are so encrypted that the company claims even they cannot access them.

This app can search contacts on your phone, but if you don’t want to connect with other people, you can turn this off or just skip the step. You'll trust that your private messages are read and then immediately destroyed for the ultimate in discretion and privacy with sexting apps.

Pros and cons: Dust is free to sign up and use. The biggest drawback is that the app is new, so it’s still working out some kinks.

Any of the sexting sites & apps above will help you to get your kink on and even find options for nearby hookups. Take the time to use free trials if available and be clear about the type of sexting you want. You have plenty of options!