Support Your Bisexual Wife to Explore Her Bisexuality

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  • Mar 22, 2024

As the debate between straight and bisexual wife continues to get louder, so does the question, “how to support your bisexual wife”. While the curiosity by heterosexually-identified ladies isn’t new, the men’s recent increased awareness, as well as acceptance of female bisexuality, is transforming how ladies view sex.

But what creates a bisexual lady? Furthermore, once you define your wife bisexual, how can you support her and continue having a healthy relationship?

Exploring Bisexuality in a Relationship

Being a bisexual partner means that your wife has the capacity for physical, romantic, and emotional attraction to both men and women. A lady who self-professes as bisexual acknowledges that there is a life beyond the either-or setting of heterosexism.

Some people believe that bisexual wives must have clear romantic attractions for both women and men. Other have an ambiguous view of bisexuality, mainly self-professing as heterosexual while other might see them as bisexual based on their sexual behavior.

On the contrary, while being a bisexual cater for the potential of being with more than one gender, engaging in sexual activities with both gender in fantasy or reality doesn’t mean that your wife is bisexual.

Hence, a bisexual lady might or might not have engaged in sexual behaviors with both men and women. Sex has little or nothing to do with the validation of a self-identified lady.

How Can You Support Your Wife?

Here are some amazing things that you can do to support your bi sexual partner.

1. Talk about her previous relationships

People often mention their exes in conversation. They are part of your history, it is normal. We all do it. I get it; you might feel weird to image your wife with another lady. You might feel inadequate wondering whether you are “enough” for her.

You might even feel insulted that she dated another woman before you. But you are no longer dismissive or jealous of her exes than she has to be dismissive or jealous of your exes.

Your bi sexual wife has the capacity to get attracted to all genders, you now know. Today, she is with you for better or for worse and that is it. So, support her and accept that you see “hearts not parts”.

2. Do not keep on asking which one she prefers

Okay, it is okay to ask just once, but…she prefers you right now, husband, and that’s all that matters. Right, many wives with bisexual husbands do have a sex-preference, but it is often more about the quantity of attraction not quality.

If you had relationships with seven men and three women within 12 months, it doesn’t mean that one relationship was less intense than the other.

3. Trust your wife

Bisexual doesn’t automatically equal to the huge risk of a secret affair with men. Your wife can survive without a man. It is possible and she can. Currently, you are enough for her.

Please believe your wife when she says it. In fact, if you want to be present when she is doing her things, you are most welcome.

After all, bisexuality doesn’t mean reducing individuals to their sex identities and call for a taste of everything. It only means that your gender is less of a concern if your wife is bi than it is for you.

4. Do not be afraid to ask her questions though

It is your right to ask your wife questions, however silly they might be (of course, not the “which one she prefers” question 200 times). She would appreciate if you asked her questions that just sitting down and assume that nothing is happening.

If you are curious about how exactly women and wife bisex, and how it feels, feel free to ask her. Go ahead; you will all have a big laugh. If you are curious about when she first discovered she was bisexual, shot the question.

If you want to ask her if she misses men, she will be happy to inform you that she doesn’t. Please, ask her over a 100 times.

5. Watch and read widely

There are some amazing bisexual wife stories and movies out there which she will happily watch with you and some great books she can lend you. They are pretty romantic, messy, tragic, heartwarming, and everything you could have ever thought of – just like their gay and straight counterparts.

Sometimes a hero’s bisexuality is a great point; at one time it is only accepted and not stayed upon. When it comes to movies, maybe start with Appropriate Behavior, Frida, Margarita with a Straw, or Chasing Amy.

For novels, try Gut Symmetries by Jeanette Winteson, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson, or Orlando by Virginia Woolf. And in the non-fiction world, try Bi Lives: Bisexual Women Tell Their Stories and Bi: Notes for a Bisexual Revolution.

6. Educate your pals

If your pals ask you questions about being with a bi sexual wife, don’t just brush them off or ignore them for the sake of a low life. Use this opportunity to make your friends thinks about what they are asking you.

This especially comes in handy when they decide to tease you about your partner’s bisexuality, however “fun” it might seem. You never know – with a little education they might be transformed and seek happiness from a bi woman.

7. Join your wife behind the Bi Pride banner when you can

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She could use an ally, seriously. It is not fun having people shouting “breeder” and laughing at you. Ask your bi wife what is her experience and she will inform you it is bitter.

You can help to build bridges between the bi community and the rest of the LGT society. You don’t need to be bisexual to help your wife.

8. Allow her to use the “Bi” word to describe herself whenever she needs to

That is what she is. She didn’t become bisexual just because she dated you. Calling herself bisexual doesn’t mean that she will leave you anytime soon. Rather it means she might be hopping to next lady soon.

It is an honest acknowledgement if my wife is bisexual.

To cut a long story, be yourself and support you wife. Your wife will respect you and thus, you will gain more power, wisdom, and courage to love her unconditionally.

Without your wife, you might not be in a position to do some things. With your bi wife unconditional love, you can stand anywhere and proclaim she is your loving darling. Of important, note that bisexual doesn’t mean that she is bored with the relationship.