MMF Stories: I Had An MMF Threesome (It Was Awesome)

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  • Mischief
  • Mar 22, 2024

Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Camila, a Hispanic/Latino genderqueer who lives in North America. I have a college degree in communication and I mainly identify my sexual orientation as hetrosexual. You can also describe my sexuality as sapiosexual but today I want to give you one of my most exciting bisexual threesome experience stories.

The Dudes

It was about 2 years ago. I was casually dating an American-Lebanese dude (his name is Mike) seven years my senior in the summer of 2016. The dude was fairly cute, about 5’6” tall (a little on the down side for my preference) but well-kept and tan.

We first met when I was in elementary school and I thought he was pretty cute (his mum was my elementary teacher). We bumped into each other again when he was teaching high school (the same school my dad taught) and my dad introduced the two of use while they were at a casino (little did he know…).

So, Mike was my main boy at the time, and his pal John was in town one evening – thin and blonde, about 6’1” with glasses. I felt nothing for John before and kind of liked Mike, but I was mainly using him to break my dry spells during the summer.

It All Started Here

What is MMF threesome? Where do most MMF bisexual stories begin? At least I know mine. Mike and I were hanging out on a Friday evening (as usual) and he stated that his pal John was in town. We decided to give him a call and join us at a local bar so we could get to know each other as we take a few drinks.

After a couple of drinks, we decided to head home and we all went to Mike’s house where we decided to spend the night. Mike started acting very weird. Saying stuff like, “dude have you see Camila’s boobs, they are fine” (of course, they are).

It has been a while since but I am quite sure Mike started encouraging John and me to get together (by this time I saw where this was heading to and to be honest, I wall all in because I had always fantasized about being part of bi MMF stories).

We ended up in Mike’s bedroom and there was little second though from any of us – soon, we were in our birthday suits.

During the Hook Up

The hookup is a bit of a blur thing now but we were frequently in the Eiffel Tower posture for the entire duration. Both dudes had their huge stuff inside my two opening at one point or another. Mike came first and I took everything in while John was enjoying himself from behind.

Mike was then drained and it was back to me and John (YAWN) and we got cozy in different positions until John also came on my boobs and mouth. It was quite hot since I love the stuff and their juice, so it was a double treat for me.

I was on cloud nine throughout the time and I felt like a nasty little girl (I often watch gang videos and enjoy those bisexual encounters).

After the Hook Up

The next morning I felt a bit woozy about what happened during the night because I received a lot of random messages featuring an image I couldn’t recognize (I had a broken phone) – this led to an awkward state of paranoia simply by thinking that one of the dudes took a picture and shared the free bisexual threesome stories and memories that we had created during the night. And who might have sent that image to the whole town?

I didn’t want to be caught engaging in such a “heinous crime” like the church would have people believe it. In my worry, I become one of those people who has narrated bisexual coming out stories since I informed my sister that I am bisexual and had a threesome the night before. What surprised me was how she calmed me as if she does it every day.

On the second thought, she wasn’t surprised since I have always been the wild kid in our family, at least when the matter of sex comes up. I avoid the question about the “future” of a relationship or feeling towards intimate moments – my thoughts are sex is just sex and I only use other people for this moment without any meaningful relationship.

I came to think that Mike was probably a bi (actually, he is) because during the hookup he would do some funny things like staring at John’s butt. I have also caught him a couple of times staring at himself in his mirror while we get cozy and he like anal pressure. And if that doesn't prove enough, the guy initiated an MMF threesome with easy, who does that?

No hate, I am bisexual myself but I hope he realized that sooner rather than later and embrace his sexuality.

My Thoughts on Threesome and Bisexuality

I wish the society was more accepting and I didn’t have to remain in the closet for that long. I think about intimate times 24/7 and even fantasize having another encounter with two dudes or even a dude and another lady. Sadly, I always pretend to be this little innocent girl while being around my parents, neighbors and other church members.

Threesome is completely natural and awesome, and to be sincere, waiting until marriage and monogamy are unnatural. I have truly grown as an individual and learned what I like in bed and this has helped to shape my sex and other aspects of my life.

One of my friendly put it straight, “People who cheat on their partners do so because don’t get the right kind of sex since they are afraid to explore other possibilities”.

I loved the MMF threesome and I would surely explore it in the future. I hope my future partner will be willing to accommodate this kind of mmf sex since it will happen a lot.