How Do I Know If I Am Bisexual? Discovering Your Identity

am i bisexual
  • Mischief
  • Mar 22, 2024

That’s a question that many people ask themselves and in most cases, they get no answer. In fact, determining your sexuality can be quite confusing. People, especially teenagers, usually feel a lot of pressure when defining themselves as being homosexual or heterosexual.

How do you know if you are bisexual?

You may feel that you don’t fit in either of the two categories and even notice that you are attracted and have strong feelings about individuals of the opposite gender and your own gender. These feelings might make you have the mind of “I think I’m bisexual”.

Of important, note that you don’t need to prove you are bisexual or not. There is no known test for being bisexual but if you spot the sings below, you might be a bi.

You Strongly Feel Like You Want To Have An Intimate Relationship With A Person Of The Same Gender

It is 100 percent normal for a straight person to think people of the same gender are gorgeous or cute. However, bisexuality comes into mind when you are not just imagining about how cute the other person is, but when you start to have beautiful thoughts of what it would be like to kiss that person and be with them in an intimate relationship.

Every person fantasizes about same-sex relationships, but if it closes your mind regularly or even imagines the fine details about what it might be like, it is possible that you are bi. Think of your imaginations as your ticket to your sexual predisposition.

If you are heading down the road of being intimate with a person of the same gender, you shouldn’t just put them aside.

You Fantasize About Kissing Girls And Boys

This might sound obvious, but it is clearly an important sign. If you only imagine about being with or kissing a person of the same gender, then you don’t need to ask, “Am I bisexual or just confused.”

If you only fantasize kissing people of the opposite gender, then maybe you are straight. Listen to your feeling and imagination and you will know if you are a bi or not.

You Are Into Bisexual Porn

If you like watching porn videos and find yourself being attracted to bisexual porn, it might be a sign that you are bi. It doesn’t mean that you are bisexual, but it may be a clear clue. It is not rocket science – if two boys or girls together make you want to experience them, it probably might also turn you on when you meet a bi.

Yes, it is normal for straight people to watch bi porn – thus, this can go either way. However, if most of these signs come together, it means that you are more of a bisexual person.

You Have Researched And Questioned Sexuality

If you have found yourself on the internet searching for a bisexual test many times and trying to answer those questions, you might be trying to answer your own question.

People often try to look for answers by taking these quizs and even researching on bisexuality. You might have the knowledge inside your head for all that time but these quizs can clear things up.

You Push People Of Your Gender Away Because You Are Scared

It might sound bizarre but you might be worried that you will show the signs of being attracted to these people or even making sexual jokes, hence, you keep them at a distance.

This also involves avoiding intimate moments with people of the same gender and sleepovers since you are worried it will be clear that you are bisexual.

Even innocent stuff like giving them a compliment and touching them make you extremely scared or self-conscious.

When You Hear Of Bisexuality, Something Clicks

If you go through a lonely life without a clue that you can be anything more than straight, feels confused, then when you hear the term bi, you feel less lonely – that might be the sign that will make you stop wondering, “Am I bisexual”.

Maybe you feel a connection and relates to being bi and feel it describes you.

You See Yourself Having A Future With Both Sexes

Bi isn’t just about wanting to have a sexual relationship with a person of the same gender. Bisexual persons don’t just move around having an intimate moment with people (that’s an unfair and common conception).

They also engage in real, long term relationships with girls and boys. The best way to determine if you are bi is to determine if you see yourself having a long term relationship with a straight person or a bi one.

You Feel Jealous When Your Same Gender Friend Is With An Opposite Gender Person

One of the things that people think is true is that bisexuals like all people of their same-sex. That isn’t true, but maybe you like your same-sex friend and you do not even know it. You might not know that you are attracted to that person but all of a sudden you start to feel jealous when they are around their boyfriends or girlfriends.

Those feelings might be confusing but they are signs that you are romantically and sexually attracted to a person of your same gender. It would be better to accept you are bi than to continue suffering internally.

Your Inner Voice Says You Are Bi And You Know It But You Keep Wondering “Why Am I Bisexual”

The most critical thing is that you feel you are bi. It can be a voice from above or a gut feeling or your subconscious – if you feel that you are bi, maybe it is time to listen to yourself.

After all, nobody can know you inside and out than yourself.


Being bisexual is all about what you feel is right or wrong. But always remember that you can change your sexual predisposing whenever you want. It doesn’t mean that you will always be straight just because you are straight today or think you are straight. Listen to yourself.