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  • Mar 22, 2024

What is bi curious?

Well, bi-curious is a phrase that is used to refer to people who would have an interest in having a sexual relationship with persons of the same gender, without having to attach labels necessarily. That is, regarding their sexual orientation, precisely as being bisexual. If you are bi curious first time, it can be particularly challenging when you are trying to get it going on bisexual or bi-curious sites.

If you have had what may be termed as limited experience (or no experience at all) with a member of your sex, you will need some presence on these sites. You stand a better chance of getting laid if you are on any of the bisexual sites. Also, bisexual dating groups offer you equally lucrative chance of coming across bisexual lovers. Before you do anything or proceed with this search, it is essential to ask yourself whether you are just trying things out or you are bisexual. If you are a man or a woman, who do you prefer dating? It may sound as simple as choosing among bisexual men, gay men or lesbian. On this, you need to take some time and listen to your heart. What sparks your interest, should be the one question that should guide you if you have no bisexual experience.

Many bi curious sites are focused on giving first-timers excellent bi-curious experience by clearing the way for them. You have everything to benefit from signing up on a bicurious website. One is the fact that persons on these sites are there for a similar purpose: to get the appropriate matches. So you do not have to hold yourself back from expressing your needs. More so, they will give you an arena to share ideas with other bisexual people.

Whereas sometimes gay people may not be all accommodative to those whose orientation is bisexual. Not in bad faith though, they mostly feel that the bisexuals are more likely to heartbreak them. If you are bi-curious, you should go for it. However, you might need some little help with how you should conduct yourself on the particular sites to give your orientation some bisexual meaning. The following points will help you a long way in getting the best bisexual experience.

1. Never pretend to be a lesbian

It is a universal rule when it comes to dating online, regardless of the sexual orientation you hold: that you should never pretend to be something that you are not. And this applies everywhere, not only on that website. The truth will always set you free! Do not pretend to be a lesbian so that the girl with the pretty profile falls for your silliness. Well, if you do not know, lesbians loathe that! You do not want to get started on the wrong foot: as you will eventually be called out of your act. It does not hurt to come clean about your motives. That way, you will quickly find someone who shares similar interests, and you will not have to sweat it. After all, there is no point in making bi-curious homework! In as much as most of the gay people will want the least to do with you: since bisexuals have managed to earn themselves some reputation, you are only wrong if you did something wrong. Being honest is by all means right. There is no shame in owning what you are. Some people will even find that to be an absolute turn on.

2. Place assumptions on the shelf

As the saying goes: assumption is the mother of all fuckups! Just because all the men you come across suck up to your charm does not mean that the women on the sites will too. The reverse is also true. The people you find on the sites are all attracted to different things, more so characters. So you will need to check your ego and narcissism if you want to have a great time on bisexual sites. Most importantly, be you! It is the only way you will find someone who will like you for you. Emphasis has already been put on that! Go there with a free mind to also avoid disappointments that come with over expectations.

3. Do not be afraid to make the first move

Gathering from the experience of most lesbians or gay people, they feel a bit reluctant when it comes to approaching their bi-curious counterparts. Not that they do not want to, it is just that they feel like they are being viewed as sexual predators. It is for this specific reason that you need to get out of your cocoon and make those advances too. Ask someone out first; it will be more comfortable that way. As the lesbian or gay party will not face blame as the others try to accuse them of corrupting a straight girl! Besides, it will give you a better chance of being in control of the relationship you will be having: which makes it even easier for you to express yourself.

4. Do not be too aggressive

Stress will be put on this one. You will not find bi curious meaning by coming out too strong. Relax! Do not be crazy and overly aggressive; you will never get laid that way! You will only chase away a potential relationship.

You can avoid being aggressive by going slow on texting the other party sexual stuff the moment you start talking. Some people get irritated by that, and they will even block you. Take everything slowly, be courteous, patient and sensitive and you will have much more to reap than you would by being a wild animal!

5. You do not have to put everything on your profile

When you sign up on a bi-curious site, you do not have to put the fact that you are there for a bi curious experience. However, you have to mention still that you are looking for fun. Let your intentions be known, and you will not have to suffer the karma that comes with lying or leading someone on. Do not make the pretty lady think that you are looking for a relationship with her and make her raise her hopes high while you are only looking for someone to have fun with.

That said, you can now be able to confidently set up a profile on a bisexual website and embark on a fun-filled bicurious experience. Just ensure that whatever you do, you have the mentioned points in mind. Everything should go well when you do so.