Bisexual: How to Find A Girl To Experiment With

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  • Mar 22, 2024

Are you feeling that little, uh, “bi-curiosity” but don’t know where to start or what to do?

Well, honey, you are in the right place at the right time. I am here, I have done it, and I’m ready to share with your some tips that will help you know how to experiment with another woman.

And really, who would miss some bi advice? We have all longed to get them at one stage of our lives.

So, here are some steps that will help you get you much-desired wish.

Decide If You Are Ready

Start by exploring the thought of hooking up with a lady using your fantasy. This might sound like a straightforward thing but it is complex and is quite useful.

Consider what physical characteristics and qualities you are attracted to in ladies. Think through secretive sexual acts, such as bisexual chat, oral sex, groping, or kissing, and notice which one appeal and which one seems uncomfortable.

Try masturbating while imagining being with another girl. As you are doing this notice how you feel and what comes into your mind. Pay a close attention to how your body and mind reacts and compare the two reactions. Your body might be giving you a strong “hell yeah” while your mind feels unsure and nervous.

If you want something more concrete before even approaching a lady, try flirting with girls out in public or signing an account in a bi dating site. See how these two steps make you feel.

Also, inform your boyfriend (if you have one) of your intention.

How to Find Another Girl to Experiment with and Places to Find a Woman

Most ladies who want to experiment with another girl always find it had to find a partner they can engage with. However, you don’t need to fret out since I have listed some great places where you can start.

1. The Lesbian Bar

In small towns and many cities, the only place you can find a bisexual may be in a bisexual or lesbian bar. However, if you aren’t into these places, try going to these places any other day except Friday and Saturday.

You might find a karaoke or open mic night. On these nights, you are highly likely to get a more-friendly atmosphere and find yourself telling a girl that “I think I want to experiment with a girl”. Who knows how this will end!

2. Lesbian and Gay Center

If there is a lesbian and gay center in your city, it might be the perfect place to meet your woman. Many lesbian and gay centers have rap groups, support groups, movie and book groups, as well as political action activities.

Here you can easily inform the ladies around that you have been dreaming of experimenting with a girl. You will surely find someone that is ready to try out with you and explore your bisexual side.

3. Sports Teams

Most cities have recreational teams, whether it is a basketball, volleyball, or softball team. It is no secret that bisexual also loves sports. Some cities even have leagues for bisexuals, gays, and lesbians athletes.

You don’t need to be an athlete to interact with bisexual people. Sports such as rugby and softball have a high number of lesbian and bisexual women in the stands cheering.

4. Be Involved in Activities

Another place you can easily inform a lady that you want to experiment with another girl is attending activities that arouse your body. For instance, you can volunteer at your countryside animal shelter.

Join your local bird watchers group or gardening club. The bisexuals who are there might be few, but you will surely have something in common with at least one.

5. Find a Girl Through Friends

Let your coworkers and friends know that you want to interact with bisexuals and lesbians. Tell them to invite you for game night or dinner. Let them know that you want to make friends.

Once you meet two or three bisexuals that you feel comfortable around, ask them about how they found their first date. You can even start a bisexual chat with them to keep in touch with them around the clock.

6. The Internet

Sure, people know that the internet is a great place to meet a boyfriend or girlfriend to date, like BiCupid and LesbianPersonals, but it is also a superb place to meet lesbians and bisexuals. You can put an advert that says, “I want to experiment with girls” and see who responds.

You might even hit it off with that person and take it to the next level.

7. The Church

If your city has a church that welcomes lesbians and gays, then you can head there and try your luck. Also, United Church of Christ, Unitarian Churches, and Metropolitan Community Churches are known to accommodate bisexual people.

8. Bisexual Newspaper

Pick up your local bisexual or lesbian newspaper. There might be hundreds of adverts, announcements for dances, shows, plays, concerts or other activities, or a calendar of events.

Check out the one that arouses you. Invite your friend or boyfriend to accompany you and have fun.

Why Do I Want to Experiment with a Girl

It is very important to choose the right lady when bisexual experimenting with a girl for the first time. Every bisexual or lesbian looking for love (or at least some commitment) hates an “explorer” who turns them on and then disappears in thin air or changes her mind.

If you want to experiment with a lady and you haven’t made up your mind want you really want, ensure that you inform her of your intention. And if you believe that you are in for a relationship, then protect yourself from “explorers”.

You don’t need to lie awake the whole night watching lesbian or bisexual movies and asking yourself whether you are a bi. If and when you come out of the closet, you have the freedom to do your things. After all, you now know how to experiment with another woman. It is that easy.