20 Fun Questions to Ask Girlfriend to Turn Her on Sexting

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  • Mar 22, 2024

Girls usually play hard to get all the time. It’s is a great thing though, or you would think she isn’t worth the time and effort.

But sometimes it’s easier to turn on a lady than to date her. When dating, she automatically knows you are hitting on her. On the contrary, if you sext a girl, you will realize that it is easier than dating her especially if she thinks you are a great dude.

So, if you want to seduce your girlfriend (or another woman), here are 20 questions to ask your girlfriend to turn her on sexting.

20 Fun Sexting Questions

Just use these questions and keep the sexting going by answering all the questions she asks you. It will eventually work out if you stick to the questions and play it carefully all the way.

And the best part, you will enjoy more if she is your girlfriend or even a flirty chick you have a crush on. Ask them during the late night hours in order to enjoy the best results.

1. Are you alone?

It is the perfect question for starting your sexting since you will understand if she is alone at home or if she is idle. You definitely don’t want to sext or flirt if her pals are round.

If she responds with an affirmative answer, say something like, “I wish I was there with you.”

2. What are you up to or doing right now?

Ensure that you play it slowly and nicely. This will help you to find out if she is really alone and bored to give you her undivided attention.

3. Have you ever thought of cuddling when in bed?

Slowly warm her up as you move toward the flirty texts without really overstepping your border. This will really open her up if she talks about cuddling with another guy.

4. What do you like to wear when sleeping? What are you wearing right now?

A great question to ask a girl when she is in bed. It’s personal and yet not really sexual. You can say something like, “Gosh I can imagine how beautiful you look in your sleeping dress” when she informs you what she is wearing.

If it is your lady and she doesn’t mention her underwear, ask her about it and its color. A great start for a sweet night.

5. Which cloth makes you feel the sexiest?

Drive her toward sexing sexually by asking her about her sexy cloth. It is a flattering question and a sexual one.

6. Have you ever witnessed someone make out on purpose or accidentally?

This question will get you in the mood – both you and your girlfriend. And yet, asking her about a third person avoids any awkward situation when starting.

7. Has a dude every discreetly groped you or touched you in a crowded place or while clubbing?

Women have a soft spot for sexual groping. They don’t seem to forget about the incident even if it was accidental. If she says yes, you can respond with something like, “I wish I was that lucky guy”.

8. Have you ever got intimate with a dude just because you were horny?

This will help you to know if she is the kind of girl who can easily be coaxed into having an intimate encounter with a dude in the heat of the moment.

9. If you found a pair of x-ray glasses and came across a dude, which part of his body would you look at first below his belt?

Really, what else can a woman look at below a dude’s shoulder? Let her answer such questions so that it can seem as if she is the one talking dirty.

10. Do you like briefs or boxers?

This might seem an outdated question and even if the lady doesn’t care about that, she would probably answer a boxer. React to her answer by informing her what you are wearing. The point here is to make her start to imagine your package without making it straightforward.

11. What do you do to turn a man on?

It is similar to asking her to visualize making out and describing it to you. You will make her fantasize about intimate moments and she might even go into details to show you how effective she is at that.

If there is one place a man would touch you to turn you on, which one would it be?

This is a straightforward question that is leading to arousal and intimate moments. And if she answers this question truthfully, chances are she is already aroused.

12. Can a massage arouse you?

An entire body massage often makes a lady to arouse. You can follow up by telling her something like this, “I was number one in my masseuse course and it would be a dream come true to give you a massage.” “And don’t fret out since now I know you get aroused while getting a body massage, I will stay in all the right spots.”

13. If I accidentally kissed your lips while saying goodbye, what would you say?

Make her imagine and taste your kiss. It is an ideal question to get her wants to feel your lips.

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14. Do you like getting an oral or giving one?

It doesn’t matter how she answers this question since you can always counter her answer by answering with the opposite of her answer. If she likes getting an oral, say you like giving it.

15. Do you like getting an oral or giving one?

It doesn’t matter how she answers this question since you can always counter her answer by answering with the opposite of her answer. If she likes getting an oral, say you like giving it.

16. Would my body look better natural or shaved?

Isn’t it a great imagination to know that the lady you like is imagining you naked the minute she receives this text.

17. What should a dude do to arouse you?

Get straight to the delicious spot. And when she answers this question, ask question 12 again and get more details about her pleasure areas.

18. If I was whispering these questions in your ear, how would you be feeling? Would you be aroused?

If you have made it to this point, she is obviously turned on. But it would sound better if you heard it from her.

19. If you were single, would we have made out? If we were together right now, would we have kissed?

These two questions can surely get you what you want, but wait for the next question to be sure.

20. If a dude asked you to go to his place or come to your place and make out, would you accept the invitation or would you invite him?

In Conclusion

The above 20 questions are great for sexting your girlfriend or a woman you want to flirt with. Follow them and you will be having a great time sooner rather than later.