How to Sext a Girl: Everything You Need to Know

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  • Mar 22, 2024

Ladies are sexual animals. Ladies love intercourse. Ladies think about intimate moments, maybe even more than dudes. Ladies, women, girls, or want ever you call the fairer gender – they aren’t these pure, chastised people many people make them be.

Since you have known that, girls also love sexting a lot. They like it, no, they love it. So, know everything about sexting a girl in this post.

How to Start Sexting a Girl

Stating your sexual fantasies out of nowhere isn’t the best technique for how to sext with a girl since it can catch her off-guard. Instead of sexting out of the blues, it often makes a lot of sense to set the mode that will lead to sexting; make it come naturally.


One of the best ways is to misinterpret the lady’s text. Interpret her messages in a way that it seems like she is trying to hit on you. Doing this will bring the sexual tension into your conversation while keeping it playful and fun.

This will form the foundation to establish sexual tension to a level where sexting becomes unavoidable. For instance, if she asks you if you would like to meet for coffee, you can respond to whether she wants to get your drunk so that she can take advantage of you. This kind of trick will drive you into a sexting session.

Build More Tension

Sexual innuendo is also another great way of driving toward sext. You can find a way to change what she is telling you to sound sexual. It is easy and fun and results in a superb back-and-forth conversation where you are both sexual and playful.

Another simple way to casually move toward sexting is to use the “let us do it” messages. For instance, if she asks you whether you can go to the movie in the evening, you can easily respond, “let’s do it…go to the movie, I mean…not cuddling, not yet.”

This text will portray you as a sexual creature but not showing it that strong.

Be Bold

While flirting is a good way to sext, at some point, you will need to move to the next level and express your sexual fantasies.

When this time comes, and you will know when to hit the next gear – you should tell her what is in your mind, what you want, and how you are feeling. Doing this might feel awkward for some dudes but sometimes you need to take the risk (otherwise you won’t see much).

To help you, just know it is okay to make mistakes. You might say something and land into hot water. When this happens, don’t be hard on yourself. And remember; the more the risk the better the return.

Share Your Fantasies

Do you want a girl to share her fantasies with you? Do you want her to inform you all about the things she wishes you could do to her? First, make her feel safe sharing things with you. The best way to make her feel safe is to share your own desires and fantasizes first – paving the path for her to jump in.

Once your conversation starts to take a more intimate angle, begin to share dirty thoughts you dream about her. Use descriptive language to achieve this.

Take it slow, let the tension build up, and don’t be shy from the nitty-gritty (the feelings and thoughts going on as you fantasies peeling her top off, the way you see her reacting, the part of her body that excites you, and all those nasty thoughts).

Why Do Girls Enjoy Sexting

You might be surprised to hear that girl like sexting more than dudes. There are a number of reasons for this:

1. They Get Excited

Many women like to sext with their partners or love because they usually get excited when they sext their men. Later on, when they see them, they are usually ready to have a lovemaking a session that will satisfy their needs.

A Way of Flirting

Some ladies love to sext since it’s a way of flirting with a dude that isn’t around. For instance, married women like to sext with their partners when they are at work just to keep the love burning. It is that important for most ladies.

3. More Fun than Intercourse

Actually, sexting is more fun than having real cuddling moments. Here, ladies and men are able to express their weirdest fantasies freely and might even get a chance to try them when they meet.

It is a free place that you can text anything that comes into your mind and not be afraid of anything.

Where to Find Girls To Sext

There are a lot of places where you can find girls for sexting. These places include both online and offline

1. Parks – Park is an awesome place and best way to sext a girl. Different people meet at the park to relax and get to meet other persons they can interact with.

2. Fitness and health clubs – The main reason for visiting these clubs is to maintain the physique and good health. But, with both genders meeting here, you can easily get one or two numbers and start a sexting session with someone.

3. Sporting events – A lot is usually at stake during sporting events, both local and international sports like Wimbledon, Super Bowl, and World Cup. These are also great places to meet ladies.

4. Parties – Parties are great places to meet girls. Some many individuals are gathered in parties, so you can easily find a girl to sext later in the evening.

5. Online – There are a lot of sexting websites and apps that offer dating services where you can easily find a lady to text. Depending on the site or app, you can register for free or pay a little fee to access people number and start a great conversation.

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Learning how to sext her is the first step of having a sexting session that will lead to a romantic evening. Know what to say to the lady, depending on how close you are, in order to avoid those embarrassing moments.

And you will be surprised to learn that women like to sext more than men. In fact, they love it for many reasons. Also, you should know where to find a girl to sext. You can easily find a lady willing to text with you from different places, including online and offline places.