Sexting Tips for Man: Top Tips on Sexting with Confidence

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  • Mar 22, 2024

Whether you are sending out flirty texts to a potential new lover or simply initiating intimate time with your partner, it is not a surprise that sexting can change your relationship (or even make it pretty awkward if you do it the wrong way).

While there is a small percentage of men who are naturally talented when it comes to intimate innuendos, most of us don’t have an idea of how to be sexy through a message.

No matter your situation, it is not too late to learn how to sext. Here I will provide you with everything that you need to get started in this alluring world of sending naughty texts.

10 Tips for Sexting

As a man, you cannot just jump into sexting world without knowing how to go about it. Therefore, ensure that you follow the following 10 tips for sexting and you will be texting with confidence.

1. Don’t Force It

The number one rule of sexting is to ensure that you follow your gut. If a woman is requesting you for images, sending unthinkable pictures or even texting things that might sound awful might turn her off.

Also, you shouldn’t just send images because she requested you. In fact, you should enjoy this session. If there is no smile on your face when sexting, know that you are doing the wrong thing.

2. Protect Yourself

Listen, your partner might be a freaking lady, but that does not mean she will always be or that colleagues around her are. You need to know if the girl you are sexting has a passcode on her phone and also ensure that you have one.

3. Use an App

If you intend to go for the full shots or videos of your body, you should think about getting a different kind of app. For instance, iPhone has an app called Privates which allows you to set pictures to expire and block screenshots.

On Android, you can go for Signal since it will enable you to disable screenshots. Bleep is yet another app you can use for both the Apple and Android operating systems.

4. Show and Tell

One of the best sexting tips for man is to show and tell – dirty talk. Tell your lady what you will do to her, tell her what you are doing now, and tell her what you did.

Since you have protected your pictures, you should also ensure that you protect your sext. Also, ensure that you keep your conversion straight. This tip will work for almost every session of sexting.

5. Back to Business

Generally, you will be sexting in place you feel safe, but you need to work; we are all human. Sometimes the texting will occur at your workplace or when completing a chore.

Take advantage of the 21st-century technology. If you want to use your normal messaging app, and for instance, have an iPhone, select the “invisible ink” mode from the menu.

This way, when your lover opens the text at a crowded place, no one but her will get the full view of the text or image. Also, try to use another app for pictures.

6. Always Hide Your Face

You never know when she will post your sexting to the internet, do you? This often happens when your relationship goes sour.

Hence, even if you are using a private app and deleting the texts and apps, try to cover your face and other features that identify your body.

7. Know How To Sext

This tip intends to give some great sexting ideas to him. So, what should you do when texting:

  • Keep your texts short and precise.
  • Build the intensity gradually.
  • Let her image what would be like.
  • Make it about her, not about what you want her to do for you.
  • Always ask open questions that need a little explanation and not just a yes answer.
  • Ensure that the autocorrect feature hasn’t given a new meaning to your sext.

8. Don’t Be Too Serious

This should be an exciting and fun session, hence don’t forget that! It might be intimidating when starting the sexting, but ultimately it should add fun and excitement to your intimate life, not leave you shocked.

Just be confident when texting, let the naughty part of your mind take control and let the conversation flow as you enjoy the lustful outcome. However, sexting isn’t for every Tom, Dick, and Harry and if you find it to be a little bit awkward, just relax.

9. Don’t Give It All

Sexting is intended to bring the temptation and generate excitement; you should keep your partner intrigued and guessing. You should never send a nude straightaway or send a really sexual text the first time you meet.

egin with a little flirting here and there and then start to build up mental images and imagination. A suggestive image can be a great teaser; maybe a shot of your body covered in the towel as you are getting ready for the evening date.

10. Set a Sexual Frame as Soon as Possible

Most dudes are afraid of starting a sexual conversation with messages in case they mess things up. However, don’t mind about it… if you have ever met her and did a decent job, then sexting won’t ruin your relationship unless she didn’t like you.

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Send the naughty texts and keep spicing them up from the moment you start to sext. Always try to lean to toward sexual innuendo, it is more exciting than texting boring stuff like, “how are you” texts.

How to Initiate Sexting

Sexting tips for man cannot be complete without teaching you how to initiate sexting. It can be hard to start this journey for the first time or even with a new girl.

You can easily start with simple texts like “I had a dream about you” or “I cannot stop thinking about you”. These aren’t sexual texts but can easily lead toward a sexting session.

Gauge her reaction before you can move on to the real sexting experience. Also, learn how to streamline your sexting session here.

Final Words

There you have it, dudes. Sexting is an easy process that you can use to make her thirst for your intimate session. Of important, know how to go about it and when to say enough is enough. The above tricks and tips will ensure that you get a sexting experience that you have never experienced before.

Have fun as you sext your woman to spice up your relationship and make your intimate moments even more exciting.