40 Good Sexting Lines for Her to Keep Sexting Red Hot

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  • Mar 22, 2024

We always hear that we could have a better relationship, a better intimate moment, and a better satisfaction. But how regularly do you hear the details of how you can really better understand your lady’s deepest desires and most naughty questions?

Today I want to teach you some of the best sexting lines that will keep your girl excited and longing for your companion.

Good Sexting Messages for a New Relationship

When you first meet a girl, you should take it slowly when sexting for her. If you go overboard, then there is a chance that she will feel uncomfortable or see you as a sex-obsessed dude.

Besides, most fresh relationships begin with a lot of excitement to keep it going and tension. So, start trying sexting with some friendlier messages like the one I have listed below.

  • 1. I loved when you wore those jeans, top, or skirt, last night.
  • 2. Would I look better in jeans or shorts?
  • 3. Do you have a name for your boobs?
  • 4. Last night I had a sweet dream…and you were the dream.
  • 5. I am always thinking about you, I need to see a love doctor.
  • 6. I am so excited about meeting you tonight. I hope I will play my cards right so that I can get the surprise you have planned for me later.
  • 7. I know last Tuesday was our first time, but I’m addicted to your cuddle and intimate moments.
  • 8. Are you free later? Mind if I come and blow your mind away?
  • 9. Tonight I will kiss you from your lips all the way down…they question is how far down?

Best Sexting Messages for Making Your Relationship More Exciting

If you are in a long-term relationship or already married with your woman and crave more lust, excitement, and passion, then sending your girl dirty messages is the best way to rekindle it.

Here are some amazing sexting lines that will do wonders:

  • 1. I hate sitting here with my colleagues when I could be with you doing filthy stuff to you.
  • 2. I wish I was resting beside you in bed rather than working or studying.
  • 3. I have a big surprise for your tonight…I think you are going to lick it.
  • 4. If I was to wear just one item of clothing, what would you like me to wear?
  • 5. I just laid down for the past hour thinking about last night…guess what I did?
  • 6. I just pumped into this cool sex website on the internet…I learned some great sexting ideas for later.
  • 7. I just came up with a new position that I’m longing to try out with you.
  • 8. I was fantasizing about something…would you be mad if you found out that I kissed a dude when we were dating?
  • 9. I came across some great position that I think we should try later (send a few pictures).
  • 10. What would you love more: a long night of cuddling or a quick intimate session?
  • 11. I miss placing my hands all over your body, ripping your clothes off, and having my way in (perfect for long a distance relationship).

Sexting for Uncontrollable Passion and Lust

If you want your lady to get all over you when she sees you then send nasty, filthy and dirty sexting messages for her. They work well if you haven’t met each other for a few days and planning to spend sexy time together.

Try sending some good sexting lines for her during the days and a few hours before you see her. When she finally sees you, she will be completely dead with desire for you.

  • 1. When you come I’m going to slap you, bite you, choke you, and make you my sex slave.
  • 2. I’m going to milk every drop of cum out of your body later tonight.
  • 3. I want to put a mark on you; that’s why I have been sharpening my teeth.
  • 4. Tonight you are going to scream my name out loud.
  • 5. Tonight will be about pain and pleasure.
  • 6. I want to hear your breath when we get intimate later today.
  • 7. You aren’t going to walk again when I’m done with you tonight.
  • 8. Tonight you aren’t allowed to yell until I say so.

Dirty Talking Lines to Say to a Girl Text

When you are not able to spend enough time with your woman as you would want, it can be a little frustrating. Luckily, you can ensure that she is thinking about you always with the perfect sext.

These messages also have another benefit of making her desperate to spend time with you.

  • 1. I couldn’t sleep last night since you were running in my head. I hate it that my hands cannot get all over your body.
  • 2. I had a sweet dream last night…you were in it and I have been reliving it all day long.
  • 3. I’m so turned up thinking about tonight.
  • 4. I miss your soft hand wrapped around my waist.
  • 5. I fantasized about us in the shower this evening.
  • 6. I miss you controlling me.

Tell a Sweet Story Through Sexting Lines

As you have found out, sending your lady short, naughty, and filthy messages are perfect for giving her a little injection of excitement and horniness. But you shouldn’t stop at just a single line. Sending her longer sext, even stories is the right way to keep her completely turned on.

Imagine painting a mental picture of how you will give her an intensely intimate moment later. Painting an image for your lady with sexy messages is very easy. Just tell her what you intend to do on her later and paint it as long as possible.

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1. Tonight I am going to gently trace my tongue over your lips, softly massaging them. Then I will kiss you from your head, lips, neck, all the way down to the toes. Am I going to kiss you until you ask for more.

2. You are mine. And I am going to put my marks on you. I am going to slap and bite you. Your boobs, your neck, your legs, and your ass. They are going to be covered with marks from my teeth. I will mark every part of your body…even the back. You have a lot of pain and pleasure coming your way this afternoon, girl.


You can keep the fire burning by sending the above sext lines to your girl and make her long for your intimate moments. Of important, text her sweet and naughty messages that will make her run to your house when she gets the time. It is that easy.