My Husband First Time Bi Experience: I Turned My Husband Bi

my husband first time bi
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  • Mar 22, 2024

It seems that many people have shared their story on bisexuality but not many seem to share their partner’s story. Today I want to share the story of my husband first time bi experience.

Who Am I?

Hallo, my name is Joan. What I’m going to share is one of the best moments of my life that transformed my life as well as that of my beloved husband forever.

I’m a 31-year-old lady who has been married for the past 5 years to John. We live in New York and have always been committed and faithful to one another…until this one evening when we decided to watch a movie with a bisexual scene.

A Threesome Experience: husband and wife threesome

There was a section in the movie where two dudes were getting intimated with a lady. I found myself getting excited and turned on by that part and moved my hand near John’s private part. I didn’t believe what I touched! He was extremely turned on.

I asked him whether the scene of two dudes getting cozy with a lady has turned him on. John responded that he wasn’t sure, but the sight was erotic.

Then I whispered something to his ears that really shocked him: what if I was that lady and one of those dudes was you?

He gazed at me and cheekily asked if I was serious or joking. I continued with that thought and said that I found it exciting.

John saw the smile on my face and suggested, “We should try it someday”. I couldn’t stop thinking of what it would be to try two dudes at a go. I also started to think of what my husband bisexual experience would be like.

What A Hot Dude!

One evening, first time bi guy I met at the bar…I gave him one look and my body started to shiver. He must have been about 24 years old. About 5’6 tall with curly black hair. His body was medium framed, but what a sexy butt and cute face. His name was Jack.

I approached him and asked him what his plan was for that evening, he responded, “I am free, why do you ask?” I told him what we were thinking with my husband and how he longed for the first bi experience.

Jack agreed to our plan and after a couple of drinks, we started to kiss passionately in the bar. As usual, my hand was all-over inside his trouser till I could find his turned on part.

Soon we found ourselves heading home – to our place.

Setting The Mood

Soon we were at our place for bisex first time and when Jack saw John, he got so excited. I didn’t see that coming, I must confess. My husband was a little uneasy, so I took out the champagne and then dimmed the light and put some soft blue music. The place was set for the action.

I excused myself and dashed into the bedroom. I put on some sexy lingerie and then rushed back to my two boys. To my surprise, they had already drowned the whole bottle of bubbly and were engaging like old pals, sitting near each other on our couch.

We stated to have fun – the three of us – as each took turn getting cozy me. Then I suggested they both have me and it felt so good. We continued like this for a while until…Jack gave this mischievous look at John.

That’s when it came clear that he was bisexual and I got even more excited. However, I knew John was a little nervous and needed some encouragement. So I started a little game.

I moved over to Jack and started to rub his body all over my big breasts. I knew that John likes that and after seeing me he was ready for intimate session once again. I started to have fun with Jack as he also had fun with me. Then I moved to John. He touched Jack’s juice and it was all-over his hands.

Soon, I asked John to go down and taste the juice. He was a little hesitant but he slowly lowered his tongue down.

And at that moment, he had tasted another man’s juice…and I think he liked it. He continued to lick me furiously, licking more of Jack’s juice than my body. I was now on my back with John face between my legs and Jack caressing my breasts.

My Husband First Time Bisex

Then the moment that changed my husband’s sex life forever happened. Jack had shifted forward and was now playing with my left breast with John on my right. Jack's hand was playing with my lower body and surprisingly, John unknowingly also took his hand to the lower body and found Jack’s fingers inside.

I could feel how John expertly caressed Jack’s fingers on my body. Then they both started to kiss with me and we all locked our tongues together. My husband had become a first time bi.

This had turned out to be an exciting threesome that we all enjoyed. And soon, Jack was kissing John passionately. Their bodies entangled into each other, caressing like long lost lovers.

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Jack then lay John on the floor and started to massage him everywhere. John looked absolutely thrilled. I moved over and started to lick John’s nipple. Soon, John started to massage Jack.

From that moment I realized that my husband was ready. In fact, he was more than ready, he was longing. He loved the thought of getting cozy with Jack.

Final Thoughts

We laughed all night. John’s experience has shown. I think that was one of the most exciting days in my life. My lovely John was getting cozy with a man. That was truly something that I thought we could only see from a gay or bisexual movie. It had become a reality and now I can narrate about my husband first bi experience. Now I clearly understand what it feels like to experience first time bi stories in real life.