How to Come Out as Bisexual to Parents: Tips & Insight

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  • Mar 22, 2024

Bisexual in the closet and coming out of it is usually an intricate and even a difficult process. You need to come out to yourself, your parents, your parents’ friends, your friends, neighbors, and even your neighbors’ friends.

And coming out isn’t a simple one-time affair. It’s something you need to do repeatedly, every day of your life. You need to weigh the risk and benefits of coming out to every person. The stakes are even higher when coming out as bisexual to your parents.

This is why we have looked at how to come out to your parents.

9 Tips to Help You Come Out

Follow these 9 tips and you will be in a better position when coming out as bi to parents.

1. Be Prepared

When you decide to come out, whether your parent suspect you are bisexual or not, this will be the first time they are learning you are bi. It might have taken years for you to gain the courage and now be ready to inform them.

But they have only found out, so remember you cannot predict their initial reactions. Be ready for anything when you break the news of being bisexual.

2. Find the Right Time

It is important you take your time and consider your personal situations when deciding whether to come out as bisexual to your parents. What might be the ideal time for one person might not be ideal for you?

Your wellbeing and safety should always be number one.

3. You Can Tell One At A Time

If you are nervous about telling your mother or father that you are bisexual, you can tell the one you feel comfort with. You don’t need to inform them together.

You will know if it is right to tell them one by one or together, so trust your guts and maintain your bisexual pride.

4. Pick A Good Place

Coming out deserves your parents’ 100% attention. Therefore, ensure that you pick a moment when you won’t be interrupted by other people. Also, choose a place that you feel comfortable. You should be in control of your bisexual situation and it’s important to feel comfortable when talking about it.

However, note that there might never be “the ideal time,” and if you get a perfect time, you might become nervous and let the chance pass. That’s okay, don’t fret about it and you can always come out to your parents that your bi another day.

5. Tell Them Who They Can Inform

It is very easy to overlook this important thing since you will be so relived after coming out to your parent – it is natural to forget to tell people what you want and don’t want to happen.

Know beforehand if you want your parents to share this news with other family members or friends or if you want it to be between you and them for now. Be clear about that.

6. You Don’t Need Their Permission or Approval

Even when wondering, “should I come out as bi” know that there is little you should expect from your parents and other people. So, don’t try to determine the success of your coming out by how your parents respond.

If it is not what you expected, don’t give up or despair. They might just require more time to process the news. This is about you and not your parents. Show them that you haven’t changed because you have decided to be honest with them.

7. Questions Are Okay

One big issue of coming out is being asked questions. Answering these questions can be uncomfortable and awkward situations. But don’t stress over trying to come up with the right answers ahead of time.

Remember that questions from parents are natural and it doesn’t matter whether you have the answers or not – just be honest.

8. Educate Your Parents

Whatever the reaction your mother or father has, ugly, bad, or good, suggest they get to know more about bisexual people. You can even request them to check organizations that support parents of gay, lesbian, and bisexual such as Belong To and FFLAG.

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These organizations can educate them about LGB and provide them with the opportunity to interact with other parents and get advice.

9. All Parents Are Different and All Parents Are The Same

All parents are different in many ways. Just became your friend’s parent reacted negatively, it doesn’t mean yours will react negatively. Also, note that all parents are the same since they want the best for their children.

When Not To Tell Them

Since we have looked at how to tell your parents you are bi, we can now turn our attention on when not to tell your parents you are bisexual.

  • They say things that are homophobic or anti-bi – Have you ever overhead such comments – perhaps referring to another person?
  • They say they can hurt you if they ever find you are bi, les, or gay – Sometimes, your parents might suspect you are bi and think that threats will make you change your mind. Take them seriously.
  • You depend on your parent – If you tell them you are a bisexual, what are the chances that they will kick you out of their house? Will they withdraw their financial support?
  • You would be stressed if they didn’t support you – Can you handle it if they reacted negatively? First, develop a tough mind and then inform them.
  • Your gut says don’t come out – Always trust your inner voice and wisdom.


Bisexual, gay, and lesbian are being accepted in the society today. People are embracing every one and respecting their sexual orientation. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry much about coming out as a bi. You can easily inform all people about what makes your happy and they will respect your decision.

With our nine tips of how to come out to your parents, you don’t need to ask, “How do you come out as bisexual to parents” or “How to come out as bi to your friends” any more. Just follow the above tips and you will in a better position to know what to do.