Have You Wondered What it’s Like to Date A Bisexual Man

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  • Mar 22, 2024

So you meet a guy, he’s hot and you hit it off instantly. You go on a couple of dates and he is loving, he is caring. But just when it is getting to its peak and you feel like he is the one, he tells you that he is bisexual. You are totally smitten by him and you do not want to lose him. Everything about him is perfect apart from this one nagging fact.

But does having a bisexual boyfriend necessarily have to be a bad thing? How do I meet other bisexual men for friendship?

Well, it is without a doubt different from dating a heterosexual guy and with that comes various challenges as well as benefits. This article has compiled various aspects of dating a bisexual guy set as bisexual relationship advice to help you know what to expect and how to handle your relationship, should you choose to stay.

What To Expect

Well, there are certain factors that you need to be prepared to face once you make the decision to stay with your bi sexual guys.

Most People Won’t Get Your Relationship

Most people brush off bisexuality as gay, refusing to acknowledge the part where the guy in question also likes female companionship. This makes describing your relationship to your friends very awkward, especially if they are not well versed in the diversities of other sexual orientations. A common layman assumption at this point would, therefore, be that you are a cover-up, in their stop-over towards being gay, which therefore makes you an object of his manipulation. So when you make the choice to be with him regardless of this circumstance of misunderstanding, the person that needs to be comfortable with this relationship for it to work is you. That means making a conscious decision to block out the noise.

He Knows How to Love and Please You as a Woman

This is the aspect of being in a relationship with bi guys that most women miss out on. The common misconception is that; the fact that they are also attracted to dudes makes them clueless on how to please a woman, which in reality is quite the contrary. Research has it that bisexual men are relatively more caring and emotionally stable compared to heterosexual men. According to a study carried out by Dr. Maria Pallota-Chiarolli and Sara Lubowitz on 79 Australian women who had dated bisexual men; bisexual men question their masculinity and sexuality causing them to be more sensitive and to desire a more equitable relationship with their partners. This, therefore, means that if he is attracted to you, he will stop at nothing to make you feel special.

In theory, bi married men form the best husbands and fathers. Also, if you can’t handle dating a bisexual man, how about you ask yourself how do I meet other bisexual men for friendship? Because if they are good as partners then they are definitely good as friends.

Expect Weird Conversations

Couples talk and share experiences, aspirations among other things. It can get weird at times when your boyfriend is talking about his past relationships, take for instance his exes and the name combination is all mixed up like; Stan, Sarah, Damian, Chris, and Leah. You may get used to it, but then your friends getting used to it is a whole different struggle in itself.

Rising Insecurities

They may be occasional or persistent, they may even be the cause to your break up depending on how you choose to handle them.

Insecurities will always arise in a unique qualification to your type of relationship. You may start asking yourself questions like; does he really want to be with me or am I just a vessel to get him through? Does he love the sex better with guys than he does with me? Will, he start missing sex with men and cheat on me? Is this relationship real?

Some of these insecurities may even be instilled in you by your friends. What it is important to do in this case is to acknowledge these insecurities and move past them.

What is Expected of You

Having made the choice to be with a bisexual male partner, you also have to deal with your relationship differently. Keep in mind that being in this kind of relationship the rules of engagement become a little altered and therefore, you need to do your part if the relationship is to work.

Get Rid of Preconceived Notions

Before getting into a relationship with a bisexual guy, you need to understand that bisexuality is not simply a declaration to liking boys and girls. And it is your responsibility to understand what it means for your partner. That means ignoring all preconceived notions on the matter. Such may include the assumption that by identifying as bisexual your boyfriend identifies as a different gender, which is very false. Also being bisexual does not mean that your boyfriend will be promiscuous. Now you know, even you don’t end up dating you should get rid of this notions when you meet bi men.

Be Open Minded

Being your first time, you might feel a little eerie approaching your bisexual boyfriend about his sexuality. However, you need to come to terms with the facts of your situation. To do so, you need to have a serious conversation about his sexual orientation in conjunction with your relationship status. This conversation should entail issues such as sexuality, comfort, boundaries and would also be a good place to bring up your insecurities so that they may be calmed. You should be keen, however, not to hurt his feelings even as you discuss, being that sexuality is quite a sensitive matter and someone can easily get hurt.

Be Respectful

As briefly mentioned above, sexuality can be quite a sensitive topic especially for a bisexual guy who every ignorant person would assume is gay. While discussing matters concerning your relationship alongside his sexuality, sounding like all those stereotypes out there could potentially hurt his feelings. For instance, asking him if he is sure he is bisexual and not gay.

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You should also be wary of his coming out status. They may have come out to you and not to their friends and family back home, which then makes it a delicate situation where you need to be careful not to say anything to the people still in the dark.

So there you have it, dating a bi guy is definitely a different experience compared to dating a heterosexual guy. However, as long as you focus on the right stuff and the right people that is you and your partner everything is going to be alright if not better.