My Wife Wants Us to Join a Swingers Club for Threesome

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  • Mar 22, 2024

Many men are faced with the challenge of offering an adventurous sexual experience. Unlike other different sexual experiences, swinging is a great way to offer fun and variety to your wife. But what exactly is a swingers club? You should already have an idea of what a swingers club is, that is if you are wild and kinky in bed.

Swinging involves having fun with other couples but in this situation, there is a mutual agreement to change partners. The parties in question attend a swingers club and here they have sex with a different couple. While swinging may seem like an easy and fun thing to do, first time swingers face problems and this can ultimately affect your relationship. Here are some quick tips to consider before engaging in your first swinging lifestyle experience.

Mutual agreement

Before going to a swingers place, it’s extremely necessary for the couples to agree first. All the parties should have an idea of what swinging is and what they should expect when they join a swingers club. Introducing the topic to your wife may not be the simplest idea but generally being honest and expressing your desires openly is a good way to go about it. Alternatively, you can float the idea around and see if she will be receptive. Of course this does not apply if she is the one who suggests it.

Be social

Swingers club are quite unique and they may be extremely different from your local brothel. In a Brothel, the girls are much likely to actively pursue you and ask for sex. But for these clubs, things are quite different. Bearing in mind that the whole experience is likely to be free, nobody will come to you and your wife to ask for a threesome. You will have to be social and start talking to the other couples in the club, lest you want to stare at others while they have the fun of their life.

Learn first

Like any other sexual activity, swinging also needs some skills. It’s important to study about swingers and their lifestyles first. Make visits to the clubs and just watch. Do research from the internet and relate with all sorts of swingers worldwide. Read books and other publications about them. This way, you will be in a position to invite your partner for the act now that you know how it’s done.

Be realistic

The purpose of swinging is to break the monotony of having sex with one partner all the time. Doing a partner swap may not turn out to be the experience that you had in mind. What if you fail to get someone that is your preferred type? Or your partner is much better than them. Before going swinging, you should have an open mind and be ready for anything. When you are ready for anything, you can avoid the frustrations that come with a poor swinging experience.

Avoid getting drunk

Yes, of course, there will be drinks in the club. But the basic purpose of the club is to have sex with a different person. Being sober may limit you but drinking a lot may mess up your swinging experience. It is quite annoying to engage in sexual activities with a person who can barely feel their face. Other disadvantages of being too drunk can be failure to rise to the occasion, pissing off other couples in the club or having a poor sex experience. Remember everyone wants to enjoy having sex and getting tired after some few seconds of fun may ruin your reputation in the club.

Start with a close friend

Everybody has that close friend that they can easily share intimate information or even experiences with. To ensure there is no tension or awkward moments between you and your wife then perhaps you can consider that friend when looking for a swingers club. Tell them about the act. Ask the friend if they are okay with swapping partners. Extend an invite to the couple and if they agree then you can start off your swinging experience with them at the club. In this situation, you get to swap a partner with a friend. Probably you know them well and can trust them. If there is need to swing partners again, you can easily get random people from the club and start off.

Observe time

Being in the club before the stipulated time will help you develop extra courage. This way you will get to associate with the people working there and they will help you eliminate some of your doubts and fears. Sometimes turning up for such events late can lead to a boring experience as there is a possibility that all partners have been swapped. It will be rude to interrupt other couples should you arrive late to the party. Come early and come prepared to ensure that you not only socialise but get a couple of your liking.

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Be positive

It is often difficult for guys to accept a swinging offer from their wives but being positive about things can help. Do not feel bad or even get demoralised if your wife is the first to ask about swinging. Although you may think that maybe she is not satisfied with your love life, she can just be seeking a different sexual experience. Being positive and exploring this new space can be just what she needs. Ladies are also wild and adventurous and if you happen to respect this then you can have a great relationship with her.

In summary, swinging for the first time may not be an easy fete. Unlike other parties where you just show up and start the fun, swinging requires a different approach and lots of mental and even physical preparation. Knowing what to expect when you enlist for a swingers club can help reduce some of the problems that many people experience when they start swinging partners. All the same, it is important to relax and have fun since this is the main point of being part of a swingers club.