Single Women Looking for Couples Near You to Have a 3Some

women looking for couples
  • Mischief
  • Mar 22, 2024

Obviously, whoever you request to join you is going to play an important role in whether you will have a good time or not. Due to this, you will need to choose wisely in order to get the best single women looking for couples.

To begin, be on the same page with your partner about what kind of a lady you are searching for and why. You can easily find two main choices:

1. Someone You Know

There are both pros and cons of inviting someone you know to your intimate affair. For instance, if it’s the man’s female pal, he might be accused by the partner. Even the most accommodating lady will feel something if a man suggests inviting his friend.

And if it is the lady inviting the man’s friend, she might be trapping herself. It is also tricky if the girl you want to invite is her friend. Basically, this one is a no go zone. Use your judgment here is you are a couple looking for woman.

2. A Stranger

The best way is to go the random way. There are more pros than cons of choosing a stranger even if you are a lady looking for a couple or couple looking for female. First, you can easily tell if you have the right chemistry and you can easily talk about it before you approach the target. It is also quite sexy for both of you to be out there hunting for a lady to take home.

Best Ways to Have a Threesome with Random Ladies or Couples

As a single woman wanting to have a threesome with a couple or a couple looking for female, there are some places that you can start your hunt. Luckily, we have listed these spots in this article.

1. The Internet

Of course, this is the best place to start your hunt and find people for 3some. All 21st century human life revolves around the internet. Actually, there are hundreds of sites you can visit and get your preferred lady or couple, but do you know how to use them?

Couples: You will need to register and upload your picture. Ladies want to see the couple they will be having a threesome with.

Women: Register and upload your picture. You can add more to ensure that the couple looking for female gets more details about your physical appearance.

If you don’t know where to start your hunt, try these two websites:

  • – Established in 1996, Adult Friend Finder is an online website where you can find casual hookups both in-person and online. It a reputable website that has a lot of members.
  • – Yet another website you can find a date to take with you home for a threesome easily. It is reputable and free to register.

2. Dating Apps

The major apps for threesomes seem to be Feeld and Zever. In some apps, like the Feeld, you will not get a filter that will allow you to choose single women looking for couples, other than women/men/trans. So, you need to choose your app wisely to ensure that you get an easy time when hunting for a lady who wants a threesome or a couple. Some apps use the flick right or left system, and you cannot see anything in the profile.

With that said, dating apps are a best way to have a threesome who will match your needs. You can easily start a conversation and find out what the lady or couple is looking for and probably arrange for a date.

3. Swinger Sites

This is yet another place that you can easily find a person to enjoy a threesome with. In fact, swinger sites are one of the best places for a threesome or foursome – I would recommend you to try one of these sites. Most of the sites build a chat room or forum so they usually have a cozy atmosphere, as opposed to hunting like a lion.

Furthermore, it helps that you get the views and reviews of members, so you can easily know if someone will really meet you or just fantasizing. Most of these sites are free to register (if not all), but you will need to subscribe to get access to the whole profile of the users. Moreover, these sites enable you to see the precise location of the user; you can find someone near your place. Another best way to have a threesome you can try is This is a site where couples and single ladies can meet other couples and women near them. It has over 80 million users around the world.

4. Swinger Club

These are my favorite places. If you are a couple and find that every time you start to chat with a lady online she turns you off, then head to swinger clubs and turn it on with anyone who is willing and near you. But that’s only my opinion.

If you want a lady or couple who you can have a meaningful thing for a long time, the internet is the best way to have a threesome and get one. After all, when people think of these clubs, they often think of an episode where you can begin to question your life choices.

But don’t fret out, even these clubs get reviews. Today, their primary purpose is to set a welcoming scene, with a little amount of darkness to ensure that you all feel sensual, sexy, and safe.

5. Just Ask

Maybe you leave in a society that accepts trying out new ideas when it comes to being intimate. If so, just ask at a pub or club or even ask a lady you have come across. What can really go wrong? And can you know unless you try?

If it works, enjoy your threesome, if it doesn’t, you will have a good story to tell your friends in the future.


There are a lot of best ways to have a threesome where single women looking for couples, a couple looking for woman or couple seeking couple can get their date for a threesome & foursome. Try any of the places we have listed above and you will surely get a lady or couple to fulfill your fantasy.