10 Things You Should Know About Dating a Bisexual Man

dating a bi guy
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  • Mar 27, 2024

So, you are either already in a relationship with a dude or have the chance to date one, and you discover from his friend that he likes peacocks as much as he likes peahens. Some ladies will take such news in steadily, barely seeing anything awkward that their men are attracted to dudes as they are. However, others might struggle to process that they are dating bisexual men and might even run as fast as they can.

Get It Right With a Bisexual Male

You might be of the extreme traditional coaxing and struggle with the idea of a man dating another man as well as a lady. Conversely, you might be blindly willing to accept your relationship with this dude, without sitting down and talking about his bisexual nature.

Either way, the common mistakes people make, issues and misconceptions regarding dating bi guys have been explored in this article.

1. The Truth

The origin of the information that notified you to his bi nature, if not your man himself, must be verified immediately. You certainly don’t wish to throw your relationship away, especially if everything is looking great, on the basis of unverified lie or half-truth.

Go to your man, confront him with the new information and know the truth of the situation. If it’s true, you might have some few problems since he withheld such critical part of his life from you, but you should note that such self-discovering might be a difficult process to initiate, and it might prove fruitful to be understanding.

However, only after you have proved he is bisexual can you now sit down and talk about it.

2. The Difference

Dating a bisexual man should not be different. Just because you discovered that your dude is bisexual, it doesn’t mean that he is going to cheat on you with every Tom, Peter, and Paul he comes across. A relationship is still a relationship, whether the couple is alien, gay, lesbian, bisexual, or heterosexual.

The rule of relationship and dating don’t change because your man is attracted to dudes and ladies, and bisexuality is not a ticket to sleeping around. You need to discuss the issue and ensure that you are on the same page of your relationship.

The most reasonable thing for your dude to say is that he is only into you and not any other women. This will show he is mature and even quite reliable.

3. All In The Past

If the dude you are dating experimented bisexuality whilst he was young, maybe when at college or university, there is no reason to anguish or worry. The sexual discovery of every kind is usually rampant amongst all genders, and it is a sign of healthy curiosity that is common for young adults.

It would be okay to ask two or three questions to see if your dude is still a bisexual male, but overreacting would be bullish and unfair, especially if it was just a once incident that occurred decades ago.

4. Bi or Try

A try-sexual is a person who has a very experimental and creative approach towards intimate moments in general and might have indulged with other dudes previously. The main different between a try-sexual and bisexual male is that a bi is attracted to women and men. He can get drawn to both women and men.

On the other hand, a try-sexual is not particularly into men, rather he only imagines having an intimate moment with them. It all about those moments and there is hardly any demeanor on him seeking pleasure in that act.

Although that might sound like a complex dude to build a relationship with, you shouldn’t fear anything. As long as you can trust him and he is good, you shouldn’t let him go just because he loves you and likes men.

5. It’s Your Problem

If your man made the effort to inform you that he is one of the bisexual men out there, he went about it in a sensitive and sensible way, he explained precisely where he is with bisexuality and convinced you that he is a good and faithful person, then you have nothing to fear. If you find that you are having some issues, then you might need to discover yourself.

However, it is common to admit to a certain level of prejudice; everyone has it to some level, just don’t blame him for your shortcomings. You should try to knock some sense into your head and handle the situation like a mature person and accepting the trend.

Accepting Your Bisexual Male

If you have thought about the above things and made your decision to continue dating a bisexual man, then you can go about it in different ways.

First, you can choose to leave all the bi thing behind. If it is not significant to you relationship, and it shouldn’t be, you can just move it to the “dealt with box” and continue with your happy relationship. Many ladies take this option and is usually very effective.

However, there are other ways, if you are feeling especially accommodating, you can include his bi nature to different parts of your relationship. These include the following things:

  • Be inclusive – Acknowledge that you have a bisexual dude, as opposed to brushing it off.
  • Exciting videos – Let your dude watch bisexual or gay videos and even watch with him.
  • Get physical – You can ask him about the physical side of bisexuality to determine if he misses something.
  • Grant shore leave – Allow your man to go out and experience his bisexual side sometimes.
  • Join in – You can arrange for a threesome every now and then to feel not left out.


If you were not sure if dating a bisexual man was a thing for you, then hopefully our article has given you a lot of advice and educated you about bisexuality. Who knows, maybe you will be more accepting if you follow the above tips. Don’t throw away your relationship because your man is bisexual.