Bumbling Through Online Dating? Here are 10 Bumble Dating Tips for Guys Who Need a Clue

Bumble dating tips
  • Mischief
  • Jan 20, 2023

Bumble is like any other dating app—it has its own navigation, features, and best practices for finding and connecting with the right people. If you’re just getting to know Bumble or you don’t seem to be having any luck, you might want to do some homework. In this guide, we’ll help you with 10 great dating tips designed specifically for guys who are ready to get noticed.

Tip #1: Make Your Profile Eye-Catching

Bumble is designed so that women get to choose whether or not to message you. Therefore, your best chances of getting a conversation come from creating an engaging, intriguing profile. Don’t lie, of course, but keep it fun and light so that you can garner interest from the available women on the app. You’ve got to stand out for the right reasons, not the wrong ones, so make sure you’re careful in creating your profile.

Tip #2: Choose the Right Category

Bumble offers three different categories, unlike some dating apps that just lump everyone together. You can choose from “date” if you’re interested in romantic relationships and dating, BFF if you’re just looking for friends and Bizz for those who are on the app to do some networking. Granted, not as many people use Bumble for the latter two options; it’s primarily a dating and relationship site. Still, you have to be aware of how to classify yourself to make the right connections.

Tip #3: Make Sure Your Photos are Perfect

It’s not about being shallow. It’s about women who are tired of bots and fake profiles, or dudes that are more interested in showing off their muscles than their dating capabilities. You need to have photos that are accurate, eye-catching, and that showcase who you are, not just what you look like. Choose a face picture, a body shot, and some social shots or pictures of you enjoying your hobbies. That provides a good mix to get the right attention and showcase a little of your personality.

Tip #4: Don’t Skip Sections

Fill out your entire profile. We’ll say it again. Fill out your entire profile. If you can’t be bothered to do that, how should a woman assume that you can be bothered to spend time courting or wooing her in the dating process? Not only that, but people see partial profiles and assume they’re fake sometimes, so you don’t want to be mistaken for a fraud or a bot. And it lets people get to know you better and helps you express what you’re looking for. Take advantage of that.

Tip #5: Ask a Question

If you use your bio to ask a question to people who are viewing you, you’re far more likely to get conversation starters than not. Most females can be shy at first, but when they have a prompt like “tell me the most ridiculous item on your Amazon wish list,” it begs them to open up and engage in a more meaningful conversation. You can ask a realistic question, or ask something outlandish and fictional if you want to engage people’s creative brains and see how they respond. It’s about getting them to engage with you by setting up your profile. A question can go a long way as a conversation prompt when you do it correctly.

Tip #6: Update Your Photos

Not only should you use your best photos, but you should update them regularly, at least adding a few new shots every six months or so (or sooner, if you’d like). Some people even add seasonal photos so that other users can see that their photos are new and not from 10 years and four lifetimes ago. Keep them current and you’ll keep the matches coming. You might have been cuter five years ago, or even just a few pounds lighter, but that’s not what you look like now. Women want to see what you look like, not when you looked “your best” according to you.

Tip #7: Be Authentic

Women don’t want another guy “putting on the moves” or feeding them some cheesy pickup line. They want someone who can be himself and who is genuinely looking for a partner. If that’s you, make it known in your profile, as well as in the way that you communicate once you start chatting. Don’t try too hard, either—women hate that. Just be yourself and let the right matches come your way.

Tip #8: Use Humor When You Can

Everyone loves a good joke or funny story. Humor can help you out in a lot of online dating situations, including on Bumble. Be ironic or tell a funny joke or story. Don’t overdo it, of course, but even if you get a groan and an eye roll, that’s a good sign because it’s a response. Keep it light and don’t overdo it, but use humor when you can.

Tip #9: Show Off What Makes You Unique

There are hundreds of the “same old” profiles on dating sites these days. Everyone out there claiming that they’re “stable and expect the same” or people who are “looking for the one”—we’re all looking for someone, or even the one, and quite frankly, if you’re an adult and feel you need to disclose that you have a house, job, and vehicle, you’re probably dating under your league there. Don’t try to measure up or find the right mix of jokes and puns, and certainly don’t just copy someone else’s profile. Find a way to showcase the best parts of you and why those things set you apart from the crowds.

Tip #10: Be Patient

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Even in fairy tales, love takes more than five minutes. You’re going to get the most out of Bumble and other dating sites when you’re willing to be patient and wait for the right matches to come along. As long as you’ve put these tips to use and created a profile that is reflective of your personality, you have to assume you’re doing all that you can. Consider expanding your distance or age range limits a little if you’re not getting the right matches, but don’t panic if it takes a little time.

If you keep these tips in mind, you’ll find a lot more success with Bumble and other dating apps that you use.