A Beginner’s Guide to Bumble – How It Works, Who’s Using it, and More

bumble beginner guide
  • Mischief
  • Jan 20, 2023

Bumble is among the latest in a growing market of dating and relationship apps and websites that you can find online today. It’s relatively easy to use and offers features similar to Tinder and other free dating apps, but it also has its own unique operations, matchmaking algorithms, and so forth. In this guide, we’ll go over everything that you need to know about this dating app and what it offers, as well as whether it’s worthwhile for you to check out.

For starters, let’s take a closer look at just what Bumble is and how it works.

What is Bumble App?

Bumble is an online dating app that is designed with women in mind. It gives females the chance to be in charge of conversations and messaging first, saving them from the world of creeps found at plenty of other online dating sites. It also makes women feel more comfortable because they do have this power, and it forces men to step up their game and deliver better profiles, as well.

This app was created to give a new spin to online dating and known as one of best dating apps for relationships. It’s completely free to use and anyone can sign up in a matter of minutes. However, you’ll want to make sure that you use the site carefully. And here’s something not everyone knows: Bumble was founded by the ex co-founder of Tinder, a woman by the name of Whitney Wolfe Herd. After suing Tinder for harassment and verbal abuse, she settled the claim and went on to create her own app.

It's location-based and offers the same swipe capabilities, but makes women reach out first. There’s also a 24-hour limit on messaging and responses, ensuring that conversations don’t go stale as they do on some dating apps. The site even has an option built-in for same-gender matches, which allows either party to contact first, so long as they do so within 24 hours.

How Does Bumble’s Matchmaking Algorithm Work?

Bumble uses a complicated matchmaking algorithm like all dating sites. It bases matches on location, age, interests, profile compatibility, and other factors. That’s why it is important to fill your profile out completely and ensure that you provide as much information as you can. The more information you give the app, the more likely you are to find matches.

The algorithm looks for compatible partners based on all of these factors and will display them by location rather than relevance, generally speaking. Bumble also has options for friends and networking, too, so you’ll need to choose that option to make sure that you aren’t matched incorrectly. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Bumble shows the most popular, or most swiped, profiles first
  • You’ll also see people who already liked you sooner than people who haven’t
  • Those who swipe right without discretion will be penalized by limited profile visibility
  • Bumble profiles show up even if they’re apparently inactive or haven’t been used in months
  • You get more diverse profiles because Bumble doesn’t track the patterns of your “likes”
  • You have a “backtrack” option that lets you go back when you swipe too quickly

Who Uses Bumble?

The majority of Bumble users are looking for long-term relationships or more serious dates. You can occasionally find people looking for hookups here, but it’s far less common. Usually, the audience on this dating app ranges from 21 to 35 years of age, although older people are connecting on the app, as well. Men and women alike use Bumble, although there are typically more women than men on the app.

Anyone who wants to try a different way of online dating can benefit from this dating site. You must take the time to complete your profile and select good profile pictures, though, if you want to attract the best of the best on this dating site. Even Bumble itself recommends providing photos of you doing hobbies, with friends, or otherwise candidly living, as opposed to a selfie reel.

People who are looking for more variety in online dating can find a lot to love with the Bumble app, especially those who are under 40 and looking for a lifetime love.

Is Bumble Any Good?

As we mentioned above, if you are looking for serious dates or relationships, Bumble can be a great choice. It’s not for anyone to say whether dating sites are necessarily “good” or “bad.” It’s more about whether it works for you. Bumble ranks well because it is popular and it has seen a lot of success in matchmaking over the years. However, it might not have the right dating audience for everyone, so you’ll have to try it for yourself.

Bumble is reputable and offers a free dating solution. It’s got simple navigation and functionality, and it is easier than ever to set up a profile and get started. So, for those who want best free dating apps, it could be the perfect fit. And, for those who want it, there’s a premium platform that’s available for a small fee that includes a travel mode so you can change the location worldwide, access to the Beeline to see your new admirers, and unlimited Advanced filters so that you can find the most accurate matches possible.

But, even if you only use the free version, you’ll still find a lot to love about this app.

The Bottom Line

Patience is a virtue and sometimes you may have to try more than one solution. Bumble offers a dating solution for several people, but it could take some time to get the matches that you want. If you create a solid profile and take advantage of sharing your Interests and completing all the prompts, you’ll find that you can gain a lot from this dating site. Try it for yourself and see what kind of matches you can find. It might not happen overnight, but with time and proper execution, this could be the dating tool you’ve been waiting for.