10 Best STD Dating Sites for People With Herpes & Hpv

std dating site for people with herpes
  • Mischief
  • Jan 14, 2023

STD dating sites have become more and more popular as people with STDs want to meet likeminded people for dating. These are sites where there is no stigma around STDs, which makes meeting new people easier. That said, there’s no reason you can’t meet someone on a regular dating site!

Some of these sites aren’t just for STD dating—you can meet people for friendship, as well as people who will act as support. Many dating sites for people with STDs also offer blogs and other forums with information about various STDs.

1. Positive Singles

Positive Singles is an STD dating site for people looking for love, friendship, and support. The site has about 150,000 members in the US alone and over 2M worldwide. It’s easy to sign up and have a look around the site to see if it is for you. However, you need to verify your account within 48 hours or it is suspended. You also need a paid membership to be able to send messages, with an unpaid membership you can only view messages sent to you and send winks. Once you’ve paid, you can also video chat through the app.

You can upload public and private photos, people can comment on your profile, and you can create an introductory video. You can also create blogs. In short, it’s an interactive site.

Positive Singles is a great dating site for people with STDs, whether they want to find friends and support, or are looking for true love. You need to state in your profile what you’ve tested positive for, so it’s only the right dating site if you’re willing to do this.

As members are verified within 48 hours, and the site has a rigorous privacy policy, it can be deemed as safe. However, anyone using the site can see your status (i.e. what you’ve tested positive for).

2. MPWH (Meet People With Herpes)

If you are looking for STD dating on a serious platform, MPWH may be for you. It’s an STD dating site for people looking for a relationship of friendship with someone who has herpes (HSV). All member profiles are strictly verified to avoid fake accounts and approve member privacy.

Note that this is a site for people with herpes only—no other STDs. It’s also a site that’s mainly used in the US—about 170k+ members are from the States. About 60% of members are male and all sexual orientations are welcome. The most popular age group on the site is 35-49 but all age groups are represented.

As for safety, you can only join MPWH after verifying your email. After that you can surf the site, but they will also go through your profile before you get full access.

Profiles on MPWH are comprehensive if you fill them out properly. You’re able to comment on other peoples’ profile and activity (such as blogs), as well as send personalized likes and such. With a paid account you can instigate conversations with others.

Overall, MPWH is a great site for STD dating if you have herpes, or if you’re simply looking to connect with people who can tell you more about what it’s like living with herpes.

3. eHarmony

eHarmony is one of the world’s largest dating sites for serious dating. With over 65M members worldwide, you’ll find plenty of singles here. While not a site for STD dating, with so many members, you will find many members on there with STDs and as people are looking for serious relationships, it’s likely not as big a deal as on a site like Tinder where people are looking for hookups. Dating someone with an STD is very different from having casual sex with someone with an STD.

eHarmony offers a personality test that you take while signing up. This test will help match you with other members. It’s a very detailed test, which means that pretty much only people who are serious about love use this site.

You can search for members using various search criteria, but the main “hook” to this site is that they find matches based on the personality test. Of course, being such a large site, it’s also well designed and easy to use. Furthermore, they use something called RelyID to help verify members. This will ensure you don’t meet someone who say they are someone they’re not on the site.

Overall, eHarmony is a great choice if you’re looking for a mainstream dating site as opposed to a dating site for people with STDs. It offers a large amount of verified members who are looking for long term relationships.

4. Poz Match

Poz Match is an old site. Very old, in fact—it was launched back in 1998! For an online dating site, that’s like belonging to the dinosaurs! And the fact that it’s still going says something.

Poz Match is for people with HIV.

While the site design leaves something to be wished for, this STD dating site offers webcam and video messaging for paying members, in addition to traditional messaging and winks. You can also post blogs that lead to member interaction.

On Poz Match you’ll find people looking for both love and friendship.

5. Meet Positives

Meet Positives is an interesting STD dating site in that it includes STDs that are treatable, such as chlamydia and syphilis. Most other sites focus on HIV, herpes, and hepatitis.

Meet Positives offers a very modern look and feel which makes the site easy to use. Founded in 2014 it’s also been around for a while, which means it’s unlikely to come with the issues that newer sites does. The site operates in English speaking countries around the globe.

For the profile section you have the ability to create a video, which is a nice touch. You can also have group chats with other members, so it’s possible to discuss various topics in groups and not just one on one (which, of course, you can also do).

While there seems to be no reliable information about how many members the site has, they claim that there are about 50/50 male and female members.

6. POZ

POZ or POZ Personals is an online magazine and STD dating site. It’s well known among the dating sites for people with STDs, yet it’s a small site with about 150k members. However, as it’s also a magazine and online forum where you can blog and make connections, it’s as much a social media network, as it is a dating site. And as anyone can access the blogs and news sections, it’s a popular site to visit simply for that reason.

Unlike some other social dating sites, POZ has active members positing all the time. That means that whether you feel ready to find love, or not, you can use the site to read interesting news and blogs.

Both straight people and the LGBTQ+ community use POZ. They actually have an interesting infographic from 2018showing where they have the most members, as well as stats for member genders on their site.

If nothing else, POZ is a site worth checking out for mentoring and news surrounding HIV.

7. HIV Dating Online

HIV Dating Online is a relatively simple site among the STD dating sites available today. It welcomes both gay and straight members.

Their focus is a live chat and member profiles are relatively simple. If you pay for a premium membership you’re able to message other members, but with a free membership you can easily have a look around the site to see if there are other members who take your fancy.

HIV Online Dating is fairly expensive compared to a site like POZ.

8. POS Date

POS Date is an app owned by the same company as HIV Dating Online. It’s a modern and very nice looking STD dating app. However, it doesn’t come with many bells and whistles, but then, neither does Tinder. It’s very straightforward.

You can sign up to the app as gay or straight.

The profiles offer basic information and as a premium member you can message other members. You can also join various chat rooms.

If you’re looking for an easy to use app that looks great, then POS Date may be for you!

9. HWerks

HWERKS is an STD dating site for people with herpes. And unlike some sites on this list, it takes privacy very seriously—there are no membership trials or free memberships. Either you’re in, or you’re not. Even their Facebook group is private.

In addition to dating people, you can make friends, explore forums, and join group chats. You can also join their real-life events to network with members face to face. These events last for a long weekend and can be fun excursions. All events are hosted in the US and Canada. Local events are hosted in cities around the US and Canada, as well.

HWERKS offers a lifetime membership for under $60, so their pricing is very fair. This also means that even if you find love quickly, you can stay on the platform and make friends with and help guide new members who may be struggling after having been diagnosed with herpes.

10. HSV Singles

HSV Singles is among the STD dating sites for people with herpes only. It records about 30,000 monthly visits globally and has 250,000 members from the US alone. Most members are 25-44 (though all age groups are present) and the male to female ratio is pretty even.

HSV Singles offers very detailed profiles and as a non-paying member you can upload a profile, browse the site, send winks, and reply to instant messages. You can, however, not instigate a chat over instant messaging, or join the chat rooms and forums.

Some people have reported some issues while setting up their profile (needing to clean cookies and type everything in lower case), so bear this in mind. Hopefully this issue has been sorted by now!


Who uses STD dating sites?

STD dating sites are generally for people who have hepatitis, HIV, or herpes (HSV). These are STDs that cannot be cured with a bout of antibiotics. However, it should be noted that people with HIV who are taking ARVs and have a viral load of zero will not transfer the disease to others. The spread of hepatitis can be prevented by using a condom, but HSV spreads through contact so it’s impossible to prevent entirely. Hence, some feel it is easier to date others who have an understanding of the disease.

Some STD dating sites are open to people with HPV. However, many people with HPV are unaware of it—especially men as there is no one test that can detect it—and it’s easy to transfer through close contact. HPV usually goes away of its own within a few months or years, but some forms of HPV can cause cancer or warts. Most people who are sexually active will get HPV at some point and it will likely go away on its own accord.

What's the difference between HSV-1 and HSV-2?

The herpes virus or HSV has two main forms—HSV-1 and HSV-2. HSV-1 is your common cold sore that tends to be situated around your mouth, but can attack other parts of your body. HSV-2 is genital herpes that attacks your private parts. Both viruses can be transmitted through skin contact even when there is no visible outbreak, but is only transmitted when the virus is active (such as just before a visible outbreak). Many people who carry the virus aren’t even aware of it as they haven’t had an outbreak.

HSV-1 is incredibly common—about 75% of Americans will get it in their lifetime and many are born with it. Therefore, if you just have HSV-1 an STD dating site likely isn’t for you.

Are STD dating sites safe?

Most STD dating sites take their clients’ safety and privacy seriously, but you always have to look at the individual sites’ privacy policy. Also, have a look at what the terms for signing up are—do you need to be a verified user to browse other members, or can anyone get an account? And are members featured on the homepage for anyone to see (likely members can opt out of this)?

Do I have to use an STD dating site because I have an STD?

No, you don’t. If you have sex with someone you should disclose up front (i.e. before having sex) if you have an STD, even if, for example, you have HIV and zero viral load and therefore it can’t technically be transmitted through sex.

Also, beware not to buy into the messaging some of the STD dating sites have about how difficult dating with an STD is. If you’re looking for hookups, then yes, definitively look for others with the same disease. But if you’re looking for love, it’s not hard to find someone to date just because you have a disease. Dating someone with an STD can be more challenging, but then what relationship does not have its challenges? You will be able to find your perfect partner and using an STD dating site may make it easier, but it’s not the only way. Having a disease is nothing shameful. If you feel that way, see a therapist.