Top 8 HIV Dating Sites for HIV Positive and Aids Singles

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  • Jan 14, 2023

Looking for HIV dating sites? If you’ve just found out you’re HIV positive you might want to chat with others who are living with HIV. You might also want to learn more about HIV dating, or find a partner with HIV. For that purpose, there are many HIV dating sites where you can find support, forge friendships and find dates.

While you can (and should) live a perfectly normal, long and healthy life with HIV, sometimes it’s nice to meet with others who understand your situation. That said, don’t ignore mainstream dating sites. If you’re looking for a hookup, it might be easier to find someone else with HIV, but if looking for love, then be open to traditional dating sites too as HIV is not transmittable via sex if your viral load is zero. Anyone educated about HIV knows it does not need to interfere with your life or dating in any way.

1. Positive Singles

Positive Singles is one of the largest dating sites for people with HIV. If you have HIV and are looking for an HIV positive partner or someone open to dating someone with HIV, this is a good place to start.

Positive Singles isn’t just for people with HIV, but also people with other STDs. You can easily decide if you only wish to date others with HIV, however. Just put it in your preferences when looking for a partner.

Like so many other dating sites, you can sign up to Positive Singles for free but need to pay to be able to message and video chat with other members. In addition, you need to verify your account within 48 hours of signing up.

This is an STD and HIV dating site with over 2M members worldwide, of which about 150k members in the US. You can use it both to find friends and support, as well as dates.

You can create a profile with an introductory video (if you want to), as well as add private and public photos—the public one being accessible to other members on the site.

As this is a modern, easy to use and popular dating site, it’s well worth checking out.

2. Poz Match

If you’re looking for an HIV positive partner, Poz Match is one site that promises to match you with HIV singles. The site also states that you can find friendship and support. However, among the sites listed here, Poz Match is not the most attractive site and it’s a public site, meaning your profile can show up in searches by search engines.

Poz Match forms part of a larger network of Passions sites, but unlike some other sites that operate in a network, here you do have to opt in if you are to join the other sites. In short, you don’t have to worry about interacting with members from other sites in the network unless you want to do so.

Poz Match offers the standard messaging and search functions, in addition to forums, blogs, and group chats, as well as the ability to use a web cam when chatting to other members. However, the design of the site is likely to put most people off.

3. eHarmony

eHarmony has over 65 million members worldwide, so while not a site dedicated to HIV dating, you’ll certainly find members with HIV on there. And while dating someone with HIV might not be easy for everyone, it’s no longer a disease that should have to affect a relationship as medication is so good these days. And eHarmony is far from a hookup site—it’s a serious site for finding love.

What makes eHarmony different is their elaborate personality test that you need to take before signing up. This test will allow the site to pair you up with suitable matches. You can also search for members yourself by using various search criteria.

One perk with eHarmony is that they use RelyID to help verify members.

If you’re living with HIV and want to find a good mainstream dating site, then eHarmony is a great choice.

4. HIV Net

HIV Net is an HIV dating site owned and operated by people living with HIV. It’s been around since 1998, so it’s certainly one of the earliest online communities for those who have HIV. And as a site operated by HIV positive people, they take discretion seriously. You cannot see photos of members on their homepage.

The site, sadly, is pretty standard and the design rather outdated. You can create a profile with a photo album and send flirts, emails and gifts.

To join the site is free, but to be able to send unlimited emails and block commercial banners, you need to pay. However, you can buy a twelve month membership for a very reasonable amount. So if you don’t mind the outdated look of the site, it’s worth checking it out.

5. POZ

If you want to find a partner who understands what it is like dating someone with HIV, POZ is a good choice. They’re an online magazine that offers a “personals” section which in this day and age has been transformed into an online dating site.

You don’t have to join POZ to read their articles and news stories, but if you want to date you have to sign up for the POZ Personals section. It has about 150k members. Once a member, you can blog and make social connections in addition to finding dates. Members on the site tend to be very active and it’s open to all genders and sexual orientations.

6. HIV Dating Online

HIV Dating Online is a modern, but very simple HIV dating site. Definitively not the fanciest of sites, but it fulfills all the usual requirements—you can easily create a profile, search for and message other members. You can also chat with others who are online.

The downsides of this site is that it’s fairly expensive and they comment on the landing page that HIV is seen as embarrassing when dating. While telling someone you have HIV is not easy, it’s also not something that should be seen as embarrassing and a more positive attitude would be appreciated.

7. Poz Circle

Poz Circle was established in 1997 and, unfortunately, the site design confirms that fact—it could do with an update. On the upside, it’s 100% free. What’s more, you can password protect your photos.

This isn’t the most imaginative site—far from it—but it’s been around for a long time and it’s easy enough to check it out to see if there are any members you’d like to chat with. You can also have a look at their forums to see if there’s anything of interest to you and have a read.

8. Meet Positives

Meet Positives is not just an HIV dating site, but an STD dating site. This means that anyone with an STD can join the site, not just people who are HIV positive. You will definitively find people living with HIV using Meet Positives though.

Meet Positives was founded back in 2014, so it’s got a solid reputation. You will find the site in English speaking countries around the world. The design is nice and clean and the site is easy to use, so they’ve clearly upgraded their design over the years.

Apart from the traditional profile elements, you can record and upload a video of yourself. And in addition to messaging other members, you can chat privately and in groups with them.


Is HIV always contagious through sex?

No. If your viral load is zero, HIV is not transmittable through sexual intercourse. However, you need to regularly check your viral load at the doctor’s to ensure it remains at zero. /p>

Can HIV positive couples have children?

Yes. There is medication you can take to prevent your child from getting HIV, though sometimes it can be transmitted from mother to child, though today the medication is so good that risk is almost zero. You need to speak with your doctor to get the necessary treatment.

Do I have to use an HIV dating site if I have HIV?

No, you certainly don’t. If you want to meet other HIV positive singles, then it’s a good place. However, as medication today is so good you don’t even transmit HIV through sex (you need to have zero viral load to ensure you do not transmit it and for that to happen you need to have been on medication for a while and been tested to ensure this is the case), HIV does not come surrounded with as much fear as it used to do. So long as you tolerate your medicines and take them as prescribed, you should be able to reach a zero viral load. That said, it’s always best to use a condom if possible.

Of course, if you’re looking for hookups as opposed to love, then using an HIV dating site makes sense.

If you are dating someone you should always let them know your status before you get serious, and certainly before you have sex. Your partner needs to know the risk, however minimal, that they can get infected.

Will HIV shorten my lifespan?

If you tolerate your medications and live a healthy lifestyle, it shouldn’t. You can live a perfectly normal life.