8 Best Ways to Meet Older Women Younger Men Must TRY

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  • Jan 20, 2023

Would you like to learn the best ways to meet an older woman? This guide is just for you, also useful for older women looking for younger men.

How To Get Older Women

It’s not uncommon to find an older woman and younger man relationship. But even today, most men still need to learn how to connect with an older woman looking for younger men. Likewise, women who prefer dating a younger man are always looking for reliable places to take their cougar dating experience to the next level.

So, are you ready to find your dream date?

Where To Find Older Women

Here are the top eight ways to find an older woman.

1. Dating Websites

The most popular approach to finding mature women is to sign up with an online dating service. A quick Google search will give you an idea. However, you'll also observe that many of these websites have a specific audience. For example, you may find dating sites designed for members of certain ethnic groups or religions or looking for same-sex partnerships.

a) Cougar Life

  • Best For: Hookups, Casual Dating, Erotic Adventures
  • Match System: Based on Your Profile Information

Launched in 2008, Cougar Life has a rich database of female members who are fun-loving, modern, confident, and sexy. At the same time, the men who seek older women on the site are best described as energetic and passionate.

However, the user base also has a decent number of stay-at-home mothers and aspiring self-starters. The site claims to serve ‘mature women and the men who love them.’

Cougar Life also claims that such relationships are more successful because both parties have well-rounded lives and are independent. The website’s target demographic is females aged 30 and older. If you want to dating an older woman on Cougar Life, you must be 18 or above.

b) Adult Friend Finder

  • Best For: finding hobby partners, travel companions, or simply a friendship
  • Match System: You can refine your match suggestions using the Reverse Match function to find women like you.

For mature ladies and older women looking for like-minded individuals of their age, Adult Friend Finder is the perfect website. Launched in 1996, it is the premier dating service for finding unique matches for seniors over 50. You can make new friends or discover new love interests on this inclusive online dating service.

So if aging makes you feel isolated and you want to escape loneliness, get on this popular dating website. The best part is you can also find travel buddies if you go solo. Senior match is helping seniors live a happier life.

c) Older Women Dating

  • Best For: serious relationships
  • Match System: search for users and connect with them through messages

‘Being a cougar is being a queen.’ That’s what this popular site claims. Since there are more women than men on Older Women Dating, there are excellent chances that you can find a great match.

This site belongs to the Successful Match group and features an intuitive design. It has all the bells and whistles you expect from an online dating service. For example, men can filter results by entering criteria like age, religion, location, appearance, etc. Although it doesn't have a sizable user base, it is a specialized website ideal for people looking for a partner from a different age range.

d) Lisa 50

  • Best for: Finding local partners and non-local travel buddies, exploring different sexual relationships
  • Match System: search members by location or interests

Lisa50 is a popular international website well-liked in the U.S. and Canada. But you can also find users from the U.K., New Zealand, Ireland, and Australia. Thanks to quick and efficient search methods, you can connect with local or foreign users. As the name suggests, the dating app is for women over 50 looking forward to connecting with like-minded individuals. Unlike other dull senior apps that don’t offer unique features, Lisa50 provides plenty of excitement for men to find the perfect older woman. Download the app and find your dream date with instant alerts and private chat pictures.

2. Volunteer at Your Local Community Senior Center

No matter your age, you can see numerous attractive older women by volunteering at a community senior center. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go to a retirement home, hospice, or a similar place. Just find a place where older women indulge in different activities, such as local fund-raisers or events.

3. Consider Members of Your Church

You can find exciting members of the fairer service at a local church. These modest gatherings are where many people of faith discover love. However, don't feel compelled to stick with the first church you come across. That’s because many kinds of churches and religious groups are out there. You can try attending various services, gatherings, and Bible study groups to identify where you fit and meet an older woman who shares your interests.

4. Search Within Your Coworkers or Friends

Nearly 60% of older singles surveyed claimed to discover partners through familiar friends. So there's no harm in looking for a woman looking forward to dating a younger man.

5. Hang Out with an Older Crowd

Do you like visiting your local bars or restaurants? While most younger men won’t consider finding older women at these places, it is common for single moms, cougars, and other older women to grab a drink. So, don’t check off your local pub from this list because you may get lucky enough to find someone you like.

6. At Yoga

We kid you not! Don't you want to discover an older woman younger man relationship who prioritizes her physical health? Older ladies benefit significantly from yoga classes because they increase flexibility, muscle strength, and stability. So, sign-up for a co-ed yoga class.

7. Take a Cooking Class

You can consider cooking school a kid's activity, but who knows if you will cook. Why not enroll in a cooking class to find out if you are the woman of your dreams? You can bond with an older lady over beef Wellington and pick up a brand-new skill!

8. Dating an Older Woman By Group Travel

There are a ton of companies that organize senior travel in groups. Unfortunately, this may only work for some groups. That’s because most of these trips only allow seniors to register. Instead, find groups that have room for some younger or middle-aged men.