Want More Dates on Bumble? 11 Bumble Profile Tips for Guys

bumble profile tips
  • Mischief
  • Jan 20, 2023

Bumble, like all online dating apps (tinder, hinge and coffee meets bagel), has some quirks and considerations to make to have the best luck of making matches and finding girls. For guys, it's important to make sure that your profile is on point—honest, charming, short-but-sweet, and that it delivers a full picture of you as a person. Doing that can take some work, but you’re not alone in your quest.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at 10 Bumble profile tips for guys to help you get more dates and give a better impression of yourself in the online dating and relationship world. Here’s what you need to know.

Tip #1 – Complete Your Profile

This is probably the biggest faux pas that people overlook when they’re online dating. A complete profile not only looks better, but it gives you the chance to connect with better matches than you might find otherwise. Especially on Bumble, because of the way the algorithms work, you’ll need to ensure that you fill out your profile in its entirety if you want the best chances of getting the right matches with girls (or any matches at all).

Tip #2 – Pay Attention to Your Photos

Stop posting seven different selfies that you’ve taken—one is enough. Your photos shouldn’t just show what you look like; they should give people an idea of who you are. One headshot and one body shot will allow people to see what you look like. The rest of your photos should involve your hobbies, passions, etc. And try not to post photos where people are photoshopped out—that’s just poor form. Take new pics if you don’t have any. And on that note- keep your pictures current. Women don’t want to feel deceived by old photos.

Tip #3 – Make Your Profile Creative

It’s hard to be an original these days, but if you can find a way to stand out, you’ll get much better results in your quest for love and relationships. Women don’t want another guy showing off his muscles or talking about how he’s married to his career—catch her attention in a fun way and make sure that you’re ready and available to date. Otherwise, they’ll lose interest fast.

Tip #4 – Be Direct and Positive

The last thing that women want to see is negativity or some boring, uninspired profile. Make sure that you use the space you have carefully. Be direct, be upbeat, and be clear about what you’re looking for and any expectations that you have. It’ll save everyone, including you, a lot of time and effort.

Tip #5 – Use Bumble’s Badges

Bumble has a Badges feature that you can use to make sure things that really matter to you stand out. For example, you can put badges on your profile related to your lifestyle, faith, politics, and more. Keep them updated to give women plenty of conversation topics without even having to engage with them first.

Tip #6 – Expand Your Age and Distance Settings

It’s tempting to limit age and distance settings on dating apps because we don’t want people too far away or people who are too young/old for our preference. However, you’re not allowing for human and technical error here. Dating sites are notorious for people accidentally inputting the wrong information (or purposely to hide their real information), and therefore you may not be able to trust the listed age or distance. Apps can screw up location and distance, too, so give your potential matches a little wiggle room.

Tip #7 – Connect Your Spotify and Instagram

If you have Spotify and/or Instagram, you need to connect them to Bumble. Not only will this help boost your profile, but it will give you a way to connect with all those matches and share your interests. Link them to your Instagram account to show off your photos of your latest vacation, or link to your favorite Spotify station so they can see what kind of music you like.

Tip #8 – Use Humor When You Can

It helps if you’re funny. Women love humor. Of course, you have to be careful and use it wisely. Some girls are into dad jokes. Others aren’t. And when it comes to dark humor, save that for later. For now, keep it light and fun and get them laughing. It’ll get you a lot further than you think.

Tip #9 – Leave the Self-Deprecating Comments for Therapy

Some guys think that self-deprecation is an acceptable form of dark humor. With friends, it may be. If, however, you’re on a dating site and trying to charm a woman (or any human being, for that matter), you need to be positive and confident. No women are going to want to start a conversation with a guy whose profile says something like “Fatter IRL but at least I’m funny”—lacking confidence is a huge turn-off.

And if you’re still working on your self-esteem? As they say, fake it till you make it.

Tip #10 – Be Patient

This is a big part of online dating anywhere, including on Bumble. One of our best tips for you is to be patient. If you’ve done the rest and made sure that your profile is on point, then all you can do is wait. There are no Bumble profile examples or tips that can guarantee instant success—it just doesn’t happen like that. Give it time and you should see results if you are following the rest of these tips for Bumble profiles.

Tip #11 – Trial and Error May Help

If you’re still struggling to get the matches that you want on Bumble, it might be time to start changing up certain aspects of your profile to see what’s not hitting the mark. A little trial and error can go a long way in helping you perfect your online dating profile. Just make sure to keep track of what you change each time so that you know what’s working.

With these bumble profile tips, you’ll be able to create a winning Bumble profile and have much better odds of finding the love that you’re looking for.