What to Say When Sexting a Guy

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  • August 12, 2021

Sexting has really taken over the world of messaging and can only get bigger. Every person has his/her unique way of sexting and gets different results. But one thing that you should note is that men want almost the same thing when sexting with their girls.

So, if you are a lady and want to know what your man likesto see and read from your sext, this post will really help you to up your game.

What Men Like to See and Read

Below are a few things that your man will die to see and read in your sext.

1. Body Shots

If you want a guy to appreciate sexting with you, you should try sending your nudes. Dudes love full-body shots, but you should be careful where and to whom you send your full-body images.

I would advise you to take images that you are comfortable with and ensure that you cover your face and other features that might identify you. You never know when the dude will get mad at you and upload all your nude images on the internet.

2. Covered Body Shots

To be fair, the thought of nudity is so exciting. However, some objects strategically placed around your private parts and boobs can make things more interesting.

The guy will keep the conversation going as he tries to find out what you are hiding under those objects. It will leave a mystery that he will want to uncover and feel like a conqueror.

3. Detailed, Descriptive Sexts

These texts should be clear about what you will do to him later. And by descriptive and details, I don’t mean that you send diagrams. Use a lot of naughty adjectives and text in lots of details, as if you are explaining to a guy who doesn’t know about intercourse.

Also, talk about needing him and throw in something that can represent moaning. If you aren’t sure how to go about it, try the following:

(dude’s name) I need your (dirty adjective and body part) in my (dirty adjective and body part). I can fantasize you making me moan like a (dirty adjective and animal).

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A Dream You Had or Fantasy

Just letting your guy know you are turned on will surely turn him on. Horniness is quite contagious, just like yawning. This will keep him excited simply by knowing that you are thinking about him.

5. Inform Him You Have Masturbated

It might sound awkward to inform him that you have masturbated without him, but you should make it feel like he is the one who caused it. You can say something like, “I was thinking about last night when I masturbated.”

You will make him cancel all his plans, call sick at work, and make him rush to your place. It is also a great way to make him long for the night you are planning later that evening.

6. Any Text Will Do

You should also try to shoot him a few texts when you know he is busy or in a meeting or even out with friends. Just a simple text to appreciate him, no photos. Then wait for the right time to sext him.

He will be like, “This feels way off.” “Chilling out with friends while I could be somewhere getting intimate with my girl.” He will surely get in the mix and continue with the sexting session.

7. A Snapchat Doodle

You can try out a Batman mask (it really works for dudes) or even some well-placed hearts. Here, you need to bring out your creativity and show him how skilled you are. But don’t worry, he will appreciate your effort.

8. Plan a Date Night That Leads to Intimacy

You can also sext him about the date you are planning that evening. This can include the food you will take and make them look like his and your body parts. Then you can talk about how you will have him for dessert.

He will find a reason to leave the work early and head home for the planned date.

9. Send Him Porn Pictures or Clips

Let him know that you intend to do with him what is in the clip. Here, ensure that he is somewhere alone (not at work or church). Follow up with some inspiration such as a new position you want him to try with you that night.

What Not To Sext A Guy

At no circumstance should you send the following things to your guy.

1. Anything That Looks Like Emojis

Trust me, dudes, hate emojis. The easiest way to screw up your sexting session is to send emojis to a man.

Don’t Ask Lots Questions

If you keep on asking questions about what he would like you to do to him or what position he likes, then he will be the one doing the thinking and talking. Play your part by sexting a few crazy things and then allowing him to say a few crazy things back.

It is about sexting – you give he takes, he gives you take.

Hot Sexting for Your Dude

Below are a few lines that you can try to sext your dude and make him excited to meet you. In fact, this is what to say when sexting a guy.

1. I am going to kiss your whole body later tonight…from your head to your toe.

2. I wish you are here with me naked, just chilling in bed.

3. You better put on those jeans before you come over! I love your butt in them.

4. I have got a filthy, nasty, and hot surprise for you tonight. I have a feeling you will love it.

5. Guess what I’m wearing.

6. Tonight I want to make a delicious dinner for you. I hope you will like the desert,

7. What have you done? I cannot get you out of my mind!

8. Why am I in work while I could cuddle in bed with you?

9. I’m sharpening my nails. Tonight I want to mark my territory.

10. I can’t stop thinking about.


There you have it! Sexting is a great way to keep your man excited during the day. And you shouldn’t always wait for him to start the conversation. To have a success sext session, follow the things I have mentioned above.

Also, you can try out new things that say what your man likes to here. Furthermore, avoid things that might make him lose interest in the conversation. For instance, never use emojis when sexting with your dude or any other person.