Dating After Divorce—How to Find Love After 50

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  • Mischief
  • Sep 29, 2021

Can you find love after 50? After a divorce? Yes, of course you can. It may take some re-adjusting, but you can find a spectacular relationship. This is your chance to create something new and exciting.

Your Attitude

The first thing you need to look at is your attitude. Yes, you may feel down about having to look for love again. Maybe you’re still hurting after the divorce. Maybe you’re filled with concerns about what it will be like to date again. But here’s the deal: dating after divorce can be a lot of fun. So let’s have a look at things to bear in mind to make the dating journey and finding love as fun and easy as possible!

It’s More Fun

Dating in your fifties can be a lot more fun than back in your teens, or twenties. After all, you no longer have teenage acne! Chances are, you’ve had time to find yourself a bit more. And while you might be nervous to date again, you’re likely more confident in yourself as a person.

You can now also decide what you want out of it. Are you looking for more romantic dates? Wilder dates? Dates where you have a laugh? What is it you want to experience that you haven’t? Or what do you want to experience more of?

There Will Be Awkward Moments

You will likely go on dates with boring people. With people who have opinions you find horrible. With people you have nothing to say to. With people who won’t stop talking. Take your pick. But that will only be the odd date. There will also be wonderful dates—even if you don’t hit it off with everyone, you’ll meet interesting people, people who make you laugh, and people who become your friends.

Learn About Relationships

The best way to feel empowered is to learn. If you feel there were issues in your past relationship(s), then take this opportunity to learn before you enter the world of dating again. If you’re worried about how to keep the conversation going when on a date, you can also read books on body language and how to become a great conversationalist, starting with “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie.

Great books on relationships include those written by Gary Chapman, John Gray, Don Miguel Ruiz, Laura Schlessinger, David Deida (his work is pretty sensual in nature and not to everyone’s liking, but certainly interesting and a lot of peoples’ favorite), Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt. If you look into these authors’ work, you will find lots of interesting material.

Get a Life

So as not to get swept off your feet by someone who isn’t worthy your attentions, or become nervous about whether it will work out with this or that person, fill your diary with the things that nourish your soul. Set time aside for exercising, spending time with friends, attending events, and so forth.

Don’t have enough things to do? Check out local meetup groups, start volunteering, start a side hustle, sign up for the local gym, learn something new by taking classes and attending workshops, or set up a group for something that interests you—such as a book circle or hiking group.

This way, you won’t sit waiting for a text from someone. People sense when you need them to feel happy, and it’s off-putting. By filling your life with things that are important to you, you’ll feel more fulfilled and be less likely to depend on others for happiness.

Also, remember your priorities. Your friends that you’ve known for some time, are more important than someone whom you’ve just met. Don’t re-arrange your diary for someone until you know they’re worth it. Take your time to get to know them.

Get Out There

As mentioned, local events are great for building a life you love. They’re also excellent places for meeting other singles.

In addition to that, joining senior dating apps will open your eyes to how many singles over 50 you can find online! It’s bar none the fastest way to meet a lot of people.

Your Online Dating Profile

Make sure your online dating profile has at least five photos of you—including one good close-up shot of your face, and one shot of you doing something you love. Beware that too many selfies can be off-putting—it seems you like looking at yourself and, possibly that you have no friends as you’re always taking photos of yourself! One selfie of you alone, and a few of you and your friends, on the other hand, is fine.