7 Guidelines for Gay Dating for Gay Singles

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  • Jan 20, 2023

Although society is becoming more accepting of homosexuality, finding true love and meeting gay singles is still tricky. That’s because most of today’s gay individuals still don’t know how to explore the gay dating scene.

While gay men are happy to exchange names and their social media handles with other community members, going on a full-fledged date is still cumbersome.

This guide is here to give you some valuable tips to attract other single gay men and plan a memorable date. Here is a rundown of seven tips for gay dating.

Top 7 Guidelines for Gay Dating

1. Be Open to Online Dating

Online dating is an absolute gold mine for gay singles because the internet gives access to millions of people to explore their sexual interests without fear of judgment.

While online dating has pros and cons, you can find excellent partners if you search in the right places.

Here are some of the best dating sites for gay singles to explore online dating.

Men Nation

Millions of users from around the globe use Men Nation for gay dating. However, men Nation is much more than a typical online service for gay singles. It offers several unique features, including cupid search, hot or not, and videos.

Since this service is helpful for different purposes, people of other age groups can meet an older or a younger guy. All members can communicate through text messages and send pictures as well. That’s a great way of bridging communication gaps between you and your potential date. Also, the platform allows users to upload and share explicit videos/photos. The website is available in different languages, including Japanese and German.


This popular gay dating app can be your gateway to gay companionship. The social networking app allows transgender people, queer, bi-sexual, and gay individuals to venture into online dating. You may choose other users according to their location and share private photos through the app.

While the essential subscription means annoying ads may interrupt you, the ‘premium’ plan allows you to get the whole experience. There are two paid plans of Grindr: Grindr Premium and Grindr Xtra.

This app allows users to create customized profiles, star their favorites, and block offensive users. In addition, you can search users by sexual interests and location, and the possibility of meeting a sexual partner within an hour of using the app is relatively high.

Adult Friend Finder

AdultFriendFinder is a dating site for gay singles looking for casual and light dating. It's no surprise that Adult Friend Finder - Radar - is a leading gay social network, available in the market for over a decade. With millions of users and free membership, there are hundreds of networking opportunities for gay men who want to have some casual fun.

There are a lot of unique features provided by the AFF dating platform. Such as live cams, where you can enjoy streams of other users, and the sex shop, where you can purchase sex toys and other products. The Adam 4 Adam website also offers an app for mobile users.

2. Don’t Fall for the First Guy you Date

Dating is about getting to know yourself better—who you are and what you like. That’s why the first few dates may help you set boundaries and define behaviors that aren’t acceptable to you. So be ready to kiss many frogs before finding your Prince Charming. Find out what you desire through dating and avoid falling deeply and madly in love with the first guy individual you date.

3. Don’t Rush It

Do not enter a relationship hastily. This can be challenging because men (gay or straight) tend to move things quickly. Imagine what’s going to happen when two men are dating together.

Don't let hormones and sexual attraction decide the course of your dating journey. Otherwise, things may become quite murky. Instead, get to know your potential new partner before jumping into bed. Long-term partnerships depend on shared interests and trust, not merely sexual attraction.

4. Search Within Your Social Network

Start your gay dating search from your social network. Do you have friends, colleagues, or distant relatives who share your sexual interests? If so, reach out to them and ask them whether they would like to go out with you sometime.

5. Find Someone Who is Not Afraid to Come Out

When searching for potential date matches online, you come across hundreds of faceless ‘gay’ profiles. Most are fake and belong to people who have not yet ‘come out to their friends or family. While it’s ok that they are still struggling to reveal their sexuality openly, you won’t find much success in dating these guys. However, if you don’t mind that they don’t want to be labeled as gay, there is no harm in getting to know them personally. Just make sure you run all security checks before meeting them in person.

6. Request a Quick Video Chat

So what do you do if you find some online with a 'hot' profile pic? If it seems too good to be true, feel free to request a video chat to check if the profile pic is real. Many gay dating apps, like Grindr, feature a video chat functionality. That's great news if you don't want to share your number with someone you don't know too well.

7. Keep Your First Meeting in a Public Place

While 90% of the time, you will get invitations to someone's apartment or bedroom, meeting a stranger or someone you just met online is intimidating. We don't blame you. The best thing to do is to schedule your first date in a public place. For example, you can choose your local bar or coffee café. Then, if things go smoothly, you can always have an action-packed second date at their place.

Final Thoughts

Gay dating is not a novel concept. However, technology makes it easier to bridge communication and geographical barriers. Follow our guide to attract other single gay men, offline or online, and thank us later.